Nerds ‘R Us: Chris AKA Dem Legs

We are bringing you a special written Nerds ‘R Us to feature the awesome Chris Robertson!

NC: Hello there Chris! Thank you so much for agreeing to do this. Please feel free to have fun with your answers, we are very casual (especially with the last round of questions!). Okay, here we go!

NC: How did you get into photography?
CR: Growing up my dad never went anywhere without his camera and I was always stealing it trying to take photos of our dogs or my brother, when he wasn’t looking. Later on, in high school, they offered photography as an elective and I learned the ins and outs of film photography. That was where I first really fell in love with it.

NC: What do you like about it so much?
CR: I love the idea of just walking around getting lost with my camera. I always find new places and things I didn’t know about before and being in NYC there is a never ending list of things to see.

NC: This will be posting during our Nostalgia Christmas week where we’re going to focus on things that we loved when we were kids! What was your fave Christmas present you received?
CR: It would definitely have to be my NES. I spent many many late nights with Mario.

NC: What is a tradition you carry on?
CR: I have to watch Christmas Vacation every year (just like Trains, Planes and Automobiles on Thanksgiving.

NC: Rapid fire random questions of randomness! (Don’t over think these just type the first thing that pops into your head!

NC: What is your definition of a “nerd”?
CR: Someone who is extremely passionate about something.

NC: What is your favorite made up word?
CR: Coolio (and I don’t mean our favorite 90’s rapper) referring to cool and or awesome.

NC: What would you title your autobiography?
CR: Through my eyes

NC: If you could vacation in any fantasy literary/television/or film realm where would you go?
CR: Rick and Morty’s world, traveling with Rick of course.

NC: If you were gifted with a TARDIS or other personal time travel device, what point in time would you travel to?
CR: I would definitely go back to see me some Dinosaurs.

NC: Besides your parents, who would you say influenced you the most in your formative years?
CR: My brother. Even though he picked on me (relentlessly) growing up I still looked up to him and wanted to be just like him.

NC: If you had one piece of advice for your ten year old self what would it be?
CR: Do more on your own and for yourself.

NC: Thanks again, Chris!


You can find the sweet Mr. Foxy (Shannon’s hubby), on FacebookTwitter (@chrisdashrob), and Instagram (@chrisdashrob)! Enjoy his awesome photography nerds!

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