Nerds R Us: Alfred Cervantes Houston Film Commission

Alfred Cervantes, the Houston Film Commission’s Deputy Director graciously spent some time with us. We discussed many topics including: the commission assisting filmmakers, Alfred’s personal film experiences including Apollo 13, indulged us by answering some non-rapid fire questions, and more.

Nerds R Us: Alfred Cervantes

We want to thank Alfred for being accommodating. Make sure you give him a follow on Twitter and as he mentioned, don’t hesitate to send him your questions. Stop by Comicpalooza and go to Alfred’s panel: Independent Filmmaking in Houston with the Houston Film Commission. Here you can learn how to make your independent feature in Houston. It will be a step by step process including topics like permitting, locations, when to have police on set, and even go into what films have been shot in Houston. It should be a great panel for any aspiring filmmakers. Share with your friends.

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