A Nerd’s Menagerie: #NYrdReunion 2016

It’s Monday! Hope it was, well… I can safely say Mondays usually have us leaping optimistically towards it, like so.

NYrdReunionMy Monday after vacationing, however, looked more like this…


Yep, the harsh truth of getting back to reality. I spoke with my lovely friend, Bells at the LaGuardia airport before returning to our respective homes of Colorado and TX, about experiencing an “is this our reality?” moment when we have a nerd reunion. How can I have this very real, presently amazing experience, but this not be my normal life? How is it that I have to go back “home” to “real life”? Do we really have two realities? Seems to be the only explanation.

We’ve mentioned it before here at NC, we have an amazing nerd family, born from Nerd HQ and the amazing Nerd Machine and Zac Levi. We are an army, we are the nerd herd and we had a mini-reunion in NYC this past weekend. #NYrdReunion consisted of all these lovely people.

NYrdReunionWe had many amazing moments, including the one above, but many other smaller moments that can only happen amongst friends. A trip stemming from a friend wanting to take back a date from a bad memory to supporting our nerd leader in his second Broadway show, She Loves Me; it all came together. Coming from all corners of North America and Northern Ireland (hi Jayne), nerds flooded NYC this weekend and it wasn’t for the Doctor Strange filming (though that was apropos). We had great conversation, great meals, Skyping with friends (Joel), watched Star Wars til the wee hours of the morning (I slept because I’m old), Nerdioke (karaoke), Central Park vegging, museum going, library obsessing, Empire State building swooning, and each of us had two or more helpings of She Loves Me (the show is fantastic by the way, and everyone should see it!). It’s funny, the tunes are catchy (I’m still humming away), the cast is a magical menagerie of talent and our nerd is lovable and charming!


It was an unforgettable weekend of nerd love and proved difficult to leave. I was lucky enough to see an old friend, outside of my nerd community, who spontaneously came to the show and witnessed our nerd experience. It was fantastic to see an outsider view of our world. She was in awe of how Zac treats us, his nerd family. How dedicated he is to us and our experience and how he indulges us. I explained we all met on Twitter and how meeting complete strangers could’ve gone so poorly all those years ago. It’s still one of the most impulsive things I’ve ever done with no regrets. I told her, “this is the positive side of social media.” She watched us take photos with him and witnessed him staying until each person at stage-door had a signed playbill. At the end of it, she said, “You are amazing to your fans.” To which he simply responded, “They’re the reason I get to do what I do.” An effortless and honest response we all know.

Many thanks to all of you awesome nerds who were a part of #NYrdreunion! To Leah, Bells, Heather, Sandrene, Corrine, and my Jayne for being awesome roommates! To Foxy for being the best NYC nerd leader! To Chelle and Bret for amazingly hilarious memories! To Jayne for reminding Zac we were coming! To Nerd001, dear friend, thank you for being you.

It’s understandable, how we inhabit these two realities. How else would we truly appreciate these extraordinary moments from our nerd reality if we didn’t inhabit a more standard one? They are more special this way.

Until we meet again dearest nerds.

“Thank you, nerd-fam. Please, call again. Do call again, nerd-fam.”

Nerd On!
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