A Nerd’s Menagerie: 4 Steps to a Marvelous Monday

Mondays are tough, we hope yours were of the shorter variety. If it dragged on, then you deserve this little pick-me-up. To celebrate the awesomeness that was Captain America Civil War, here you go.

Step 1: Bust a Move with Cap and Scarlet Witch

Step 2: RDJ Affirmation

RDJ is here to remind you to embrace your inner nerd. Sit back and meditate on that.

Step 3: Deadpool Approved

When you realize you and Deadpool have something in common…
Sit with that positive thought and imagine how you and Wade could chill together.

Step 4: Comfort for the future

Remembering there’s still a way to go and how awesome it is to be alive today! Each Monday brings us closer to more Marvel goodness. Who run the world? #Nerds!

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Here’s hoping the rest of the week is painless and speedy for you nerds. How many times have you seen Civil War, how many more times do you think you’ll go to the theater? How about the IMAX or RPX experience? I have yet to RPX, but I shall for my third viewing. (eyebrow wiggles)

Nerd On!
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