A Nerd’s Menagerie: Galaxy Fashion

Hello, you lovely nerds!
Menagerie Galaxy

NC has been super busy planning and packing for SDCC and NerdHQ! We are super excited, but like any trip, prepping can get pretty stressful. There’s always that fear you’re going to leave something behind, especially when you cosplay. Last year our group sported Steampunk Princesses, well this year our group is a little larger and it is going to be epic!

Steampunk Princesses

Photo by Chuck Cook

This year we are embracing our love for Once Upon a Time featuring Emma, Hook, Tink, Red, Evil Queen, Ariel, Belle, and Snow. My biggest hope is that there will be an OUaT panel at NerdHQ Saturday! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Besides all of the cosplay preparation, we NC ladies are quite the space nerds. Our obsession with Chris Hadfield, our latest interview with Shannon Walker, and our consistent shares of Space news may serve as proof. To share our love of space, we decided we would sport a galaxy garment during the con as well.

Our lovely Jams bought this lovely dress and showed off her galaxy eye makeup. We hope she’ll do a tutorial on that soon!
Menagerie SpaceIf you’re interested in this lovely dress, you can find it below, currently $14.90 and available in multiple prints.
Retro World Map Printed Blue White Reversible Stretchy Spandex Skater Dress M

I have purchased these leggings, and as a curvy girl can attest to their conforming capabilities and the fabric is not transparent. These are $12.99 and also available in multi-patterns!
Amoluv Women’s Fashion Digital Print Galaxy Pattern Sexy Leggings

Rach and Jen are still debating on their Galaxy clothing, but there are tons of options including, this adorable mini skirt, crop top and skirt, or midi skirt. All are available in an array of colors and patterns!
Menagerie Space
SAYM Women Fashion Pleated Chiffon Galaxy Cosmic Digital Printed Skirts Galaxy-02Womens Multicolor Galaxy Digital Print Stretchy Flared Pleated Casual Mini Skirt
Uideazone 3d Digital Print Skull Crop Tank Top Skirts Set for Women

If you’ve found some awesome galaxy fashion, please share with us! We are so excited for our SDCC/HQ adventures with our nerd family! Let us know if you will be attending and we would gladly give you any recommendations.

Nerd on!
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