A Nerd’s Menagerie: Comicpalooza 2016

Nerds of the Houston variety and beyond!

We are in the thick of Con season and we wish we had all the monies and time for all the cons across the nation! Then we remember we have to adult! NoooOOOooo!


Well, I’m asking you to forget all of that, because you have nerdy priorities and I have a con I want to talk to you about: Comicpalooza 2016! I’m a Houston native, but I promise I’m not biased. I’ve attended many conventions and I’ve been to Comicpalooza for many years and it has proven to be an awesome con.

There will be epic cosplay…

comicpalooza2015 062.NEF

Lisa Carey/New Creative Media

The opportunity to add to your collectibles collection…

comicpalooza2015 024.NEF

Lisa Carey/New Creative Media

You can purchase some amazing art…

Lisa Carey/New Creative Media

Lisa Carey/New Creative Media

AND there will be fun activities for your mini nerdlings, as well…

comicpalooza2015 056.NEF

Lisa Carey/New Creative Media

Plus there’s always the celebrity photo ops, autographs, and panels. This year’s lineup includes Kate Beckinsale, Eliza Dushku, Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flannery and the rest of the Boondock crew, Dominic Cooper, and an epic Aliens cast reunion including Ripley herself!!! Joining the film stars are also many voice over actors, comic book artists, writers and more. The list goes on and on.

So come on down and enjoy some really good food while you’re Downtown!

I’ll sum it up like this:
• If you have never been to Comicpalooza and you’re local, go at least once! You’ll want to come back next year.
• Is Comicpalooza worth the drive if you’re in a surrounding state? Yes, absolutely.
• Do you have to be an all around nerd to enjoy the experience? No! Granted it is my personal belief that everyone is a nerd about something, but the nerdom is vast and it is impossible to be knowledgeable in all things. Come enjoy the atmosphere and the people! It’ll tie you over until Ren Fest in the Fall and nerds are the best.

Comicpalooza is 8 years old, and as all cons do, learned from it’s growing pains. The hardworking people who put the con on do their best to run a well-oiled machine. It can’t be easy! So if you see a volunteer, give them a high five. Oh! Always remember to wear deodorant 🙂 But most importantly, #DontBeADick and have a blast!

Don’t have Comicpalooza passes? Want a chance to get some for free? Join us for the CP Twitter Party on June 2nd from 7–8pm CST for your chance to win!!! Details in the pretty graphic below!


If you want to keep up with all things Comicpalooza, follow all of their official social media channels: Twitter, FB and IG (oh my!)

Nerd On!
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