A Nerd’s Menagerie: A Nerdy Houston

As a Houston native and a nerd, I consider myself lucky to live in a large city that offers me many events of varying sizes that revolve around nerdy topics. I’ve attended quite a few events this year and wanted to showcase a couple of the smaller, fantastic events. I plan to attend more in the future.

Star Wars Art Festival

May 7-8th, I had the opportunity to go to the 5th annual Star Wars Art Festival held at the War’Hous in East Houston. It was my first time attending finally. The set up was great and the War’Hous lent itself nicely as gallery space.star wars event The artwork and vendors were fantastic as well. Scroll below and enjoy some images from the event!

This event featured 


Alex Ramos | Ali Cali Designs | Alvin Haynes Jr | Alyjha Williams | Amanda Bell | Ana Maria | Andrew Hemingway | Armando Castelan | Art by Jonathan | Ashton Venture | Black Cassidy | Bonnie Boatright | Carla Valencia | Catfish | Christopher Hernandez | Cutthroat | Dakota Cates | Dandee Warhol | Daniel Elliott | David Heck | David Maldonado | Diane Rios | Dom Bam | Efren Mendez | Erik Martinez | Erin Tade | Gabriel Prusmack | Germain Quintanilla | Gicova Colton Canava | Griselda Alvarez | Heather Gordy | Isaac Rodriguez | Jessica Cabaniss | Jesse Payan | Marco Guerra | Jose Cordova | Julio Luna | Karen Smith | Keith Kutach | Kenneth Pierson | Khadija Durbar | Hannah Bull | El Fury | Lauren Rubin | Lee Carrier | Lenora Palacios | Marjon Aucoin | Marzi Petris | MD Arts | Media/Entertainment | Meighgan Gladden | Melissa Villarreal | Michael J Garcia | Mike P | Mortimer Ex | Murals4U | Nerissa Gomez | Nicholas Nabors | Omar Ochoa | Peter Mendez | Phobia Art | Popes with Paint | Pilot FX Crew | Rene Fernandez | Ricardo Cerda | Robert Diteodoro | Role AFM | Ryan Orosz | Sarah Cloutier | Scotch Willington | Scott Tarbox | Sergio Barraza | Sergio Cornejo | Star Lozano | Stephanie Barnett | Stephen Michael Ruiz | Super Flake | Teresa Staley | The Underground Forest | Taste-e-licious.com | Tiffany Rodriguez | William Gilstrap | Yamin Cespedes | Zeke Martinez


1+2=Love Designs | 1 Stop Shop | All Sewn Up | APDAT Print Co., LLC | Arts4healing | Art by Jonathan | Boombox Taco | Catfish’s Custom Art | Christopher Hernandez | Daniel Elliott | Ed Loera | Famous & Love | Food-Music-Life | Grey Gecko Press | Gustavo Gonzalez | Isaac Rodriguez | Jay Higginbotham | Johnnie Rosales JR | Just2Artists | Justin Baehr | Karen Premeaux | Lauren Feehery | Luv Me Tenders | MeMaMo Geek Boutique | TX Art Supply | Momo Catering & Event Planning LLC | Mugs and More | Nicholas Nabors | Oggy Powers | Omar Ochoa | POINT 506 | Rogelio Gutierrez Jr | SidRebel | StarBerry Snoballs | Stephanie Gonzalez | The Underground Forest | Wizard Of Barge

In Dreams and Fairy Tales

I adore the East End Gallery and their unique nerdy shows curated by Blue One Thirty and Cynthia Vela. I’m looking forward to their Tim Burton tribute show in October, and plan to take may photos. I attended their In Dreams and Fairy Tales show in May. Please enjoy some of the artist photos from opening night below.


Besides our larger conventions like Comicpalooza or Anime Matsuri, our city is varied with smaller venues like this one or Insomnia Video Game Culture which host great nerdy events. If you ever find yourself in town, please follow these smaller venues and see if any shows are happening. I hope you come to visit Houston and enjoy our nerd culture and food!

If you’re a native Houstonian what are your favorite events? Let me know what you’d like to learn about.

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