Nerdie Foodie: White Chocolate Craisin Coconut Cookies

Want to make cookies but you don’t have butter or margarine on hand? Don’t have enough All-Purpose flour? No problem Nerdie Foodies! I’ve adapted this recipe from Jean Paré’s Company’s Coming: Cookie Jar Classics. What’s great about this recipe is that you can mix and match whatever toppings you want for these cookies to make it to your taste and liking. Get creative with the combinations and see what your taste buds desire!

Let’s get baking!

What You’ll Need

Equipment Wet Ingredients Quantity
Large and Small Mixing Bowls Large Eggs 2
Measuring Cups and Spoons:

-1/2 tsp

-1 tsp

-1/4 cup

-1/3 cup

-1/2 cup

-1 cup

Brown Sugar, Packed


Tip: Packed = Press the brown sugar down with your palm of your hand gently. Add more and repeat the pressing so that the sugar is level in the measuring cup.

1 cup + 2/3 cups
1 x Chopstick or Knife Cooking Oil 1 tsp
Whisk Vanilla Extract 1 tsp + ½ tsp
Hand Mixer (Optional) Dry Ingredients Quantity
Stand Mixer (Optional) All-Purpose Flour 1 cup + ¾ cups
Spatula Baking Powder 1 tsp
Baking Tray(s) Baking Soda ½ tsp
Wire Rack or a Tray with Holes Toppings Quantity
Parchment Paper (optional) Craisins or Dried Cranberries (Optional) ½ cup + extra
Silicone (Silpat) Baking Mat (optional) Shredded (aka. Desiccated) Coconut – Dried (Optional) ½ cup + extra
Spoon White Chocolate Chips (Optional) ½ cup + extra

(Photo Credit: Nerdy Curiosities)


  1. Large Mixing Bowl: Beat/Whisk eggs and brown sugar together until well combined (thick consistency and pale in colour). Add the cooking oil and vanilla, and mix until smooth.
Tip: Whenever a recipe calls for Vanilla Extract or toppings, always add a little more. Hence the reason why I’ve added ½ tsp of vanilla extract in the quantity section of this recipe.


  1. Small Mixing Bowl: Mix all the dry ingredients together.
Tip #1: If you don’t have enough All-Purpose Flour, you can use Cake Flour (or any other flour) to top it off. Almond flour is also fine.
Tip #2: When scooping dry ingredients with the measuring cup or spoon, level off the top with either the chopstick or the top of the knife (non-sharp side) so that it’s fairly flat before dumping it into the mixing bowl.


  1. Take one half of the flour mixture and add it to the large bowl. Mix until you don’t see the white flour in the bowl with the spatula. Then add the second half of the flour mixture into the large bowl. Mix until you don’t see any white flour in the bowl again.

    (Photo Credit: Nerdy Curiosities)

  2. Add in your toppings. Mix.
Tip: Start with a ½ cup of each topping. Sprinkle in one more layer of each topping so that each cookie is guaranteed to be loaded.


  1. Cover the large mixing bowl and place in the fridge for 1hr. Wipe (aka. Grease) the surface of your baking tray with oil or butter if you do not have parchment paper or a Silpat mat.


1 Hour Later….


  1. Take out of the fridge and use your spoon to scoop out the cookie dough. There are two ways to place it onto the baking tray:
    1. Use your finger to wipe the cookie dough off the spoon and let it drop onto the baking tray (aka. Drop Cookies).
    2. Take the cookie dough on the spoon and roll it into a ball between your palms. Once it’s in a ball, place onto the baking tray (aka. Molded Cookies)
  2. Make sure there is about 2 inches of space between each cookie when placing on the baking tray.
  3. Make sure each cookie is roughly the same size so that it can bake evenly. Size of the cookie depends on how big or small you want them to be.

    (Photo Credit: Nerdy Curiosities)

  4. Turn on the oven and heat it up to 350oF/175oC (aka. Preheating).
  5. When the oven reaches 350oF/175oC, place one baking tray in the middle of the oven. Only bake one tray at a time for even heating and so that the cookies can bake evenly.
  6. Bake for 15 minutes.


15 Minutes Later….


  1. Take out of the oven and place it on the stove top to cool for 5 minutes. Place the second baking tray into the oven if you have a second tray of cookies.


5 Minutes Later….


  1. Transfer slightly cooled cookies onto a wire rack or another tray that has holes in it so that the cookies can cool completely.
  2. Repeat Steps 11 – 13 for remaining baking trays.
  3. Once all the cookies have been baked, turn off the oven.
  4. Eat and Enjoy!

PS: Cookies can be stored at room temperature in a container, plate, or cookie jar.

End Results

These cookies can be whatever flavour you want it to be. Try this recipe out with other toppings! See what you have in the pantry. Don’t have any of the toppings that are listed in this recipe? No problem! Replace it with something that you do have in your pantry, or leave it out completely. But most of all, have fun with mixing and matching all the different flavours. If you do want to try this flavour combo, it’s actually not too sweet and tastes so good, you’ll want more than just one cookie!

(Photo Credit: Nerdy Curiosities)

Share with us your favourite cookie topping combos! We’d love to see your creations!


Stay Nerdalicious!

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