Nerdie Foodie: Turning Red

This week on Nerdie Foodie we’re Turning Red and celebrating the latest Disney Pixar movie the only way we know how – with delicious food! Let’s get right to it and embrace all the Red Pandas!


One can’t help but think of Disney’s Mulan when you see the congee in this movie. Almost like a nod to the film’s “ancestors” which I thought was a lovely touch. Which means we have two variations of congee to share with you for an abundance of options!

Jin’s Congee

Straight from Cooking with Pixar comes this congee recipe from Mei’s dad, Jin! Sidenote: I think they meant Ming since she was the one who made Mei the breakfast congee in the movie. (Carry on!)


The one thing that I would do differently in this recipe is to cook the mushroom as well instead of leaving it raw when it comes time to decorating. Check out the recipe tutorial below!

Ming’s Congee

For a more authentic recipe, Inga Lam (from Buzzfeed’s About To Eat and fellow nerd) found inspiration from her own mother’s cooking. Because let’s face it, mom’s cooking reminds us the comforts of home. Check out her recipe, tips, and tutorial below! PS: Thank you Inga for cooking the mushroom nose!


Food Art Lunchbox

Love creating art for your lunch box? Then this next recipe is for you! Jam-packed with food and fruits that are red and white in colour, create Red Panda Mei for your next lunch! Beau (from Lunchbox Dad) shares with us his tutorial on how to turn a sandwich into Red Panda Mei! Check out the tutorial here!

(Photo Credit: Lunchbox Dad)


3D Mei Lee Red Panda

Y’all know that I love a good cake. What about a 3D Mei in her Red Panda form?


This cake does require a bit of construction, and some carving and shaving. Luckily, Huiwen (from Cocobelly Cakes) shows us how in her Behind the Scenes tutorial! Check out the video below so you can try your hand at a 3D Red Panda cake!


Double Sided Mei Cake

Want to level up your cake making skills? Then you’ve come to the right spot! Youtuber Koalipops is a TALENTED ARTIST! You’ll definitely need some painting and scuplting skills for this cake, on top of your construction skills. At least this tutorial does not require any power tools …that we know of. If you plan on trying your hand at this buttercream cake, definitely watch the whole tutorial first to make sure you have all the correct tools before you get started, and have a few pictures for reference! Check out the video tutorial below!


And there you have it! Five delicious recipes to keep you in the Turning Red mood! Which recipes do you want to try? Let us know in the comments!

‘Til next time,

Stay Nerdalicious!

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