Nerdie Foodie: Tour de New Orleans 2019

NOLA, New Orleans, you go by many a name. This was a Nerdie Foodie’s dream trip! And did we work up an appetite to check out as many spots as we could while we were there for the week. Even better, we got to spend some time with our girl, Michelle from Nerdy Gras, as well! Since we ate at so many different places that this will be a two-part blog series. Let’s go!

Jack Rose (Lounge)

This is such a great space that is just extra. To the point where it just feels right to be so extra with all the decadent furniture. We decided to have dessert in their lounge area and they did not disappoint! We each ordered a dessert to share with everyone in the group: Mile High Pie, Hummingbird Cake, Goat Cheesecake, and Dark Chocolate Terrine. Our favourite out of all four is the Dark Chocolate Terrine as it had the perfect balance between the bitterness of the dark chocolate and the tangy-tart sweetness of the orange cardamom anglaise and raspberry gelee.

SLICE Pizzeria

This spot was our cheapest meal yet for four people! We shared one whole pie (all their pizzas are 14”), a piping hot spinach artichoke cheese dip with bread, and four drinks all for under $40 USD! What?! Love it! This place is serious about their cheese pull and freshly baked bread that is crispy on the outside and super soft and fluffy on the inside. This Nerdie Foodie died in carb heaven! We chose The Fresh pie which comes with fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, garlic oil, and a sprinkle of crushed red pepper and we added crushed meatballs for protein. Oh, did I mention it was on a thin crust? We demolished that pie no problem.


This restaurant came highly recommended as a brunch spot by our innkeeper Melinda from the Sully Mansion Bed and Breakfast. She suggested the fried chicken platter (either half a chicken or whole) and champagne. We opted for: the half fried chicken platter (which comes with pickles, deviled eggs, super creamy mashed potatoes, biscuits, collard greens, tabasco hot sauce, and buttermilk ranch sauce), a peach poppyseed cornbread that turned out to be a pound cake instead (it was so good we ordered a second one of these), a Bloody Mary, two Mimosas, and a Sat-Sue-Me (satsuma mocktail). Perfect brunch spot. Thanks for the recommendation Melinda!

District Donuts

This spot was a must visit ever since we’ve known Nerdy Gras. It was only fitting that she would order our dinner here for all of us. Everything she described before we got here was mouth-watering! When we got there, almost all the items she wanted to get for us were no longer available (insert sad face) except for the waffle cheese fries. Hallelujah! We ordered the 12 sliders option (half fried chicken and half beef), waffle cheese fries, the chunky monkey and pumpkin spice latte doughnuts. Get extra cheese sauce if you can. That stuff is money and tastes great with the sliders as well as the waffle fries. We also liked the pumpkin spiced latte doughnut over the chunky monkey because it wasn’t super sweet. If you ever have the chance to try the pulled pork sliders and the Vietnamese Iced Coffee doughnut, do it. Nerdy Gras swears by those two items aside from the waffle cheese fries.


This seafood restaurant hit the spot for us! Not only is everything reasonably priced and affordable per person, the food was delicious as well! We ordered the moules frites (that is French for mussels and fries), cochon sliders (pulled pork), the seafood platter, and red beans and rice. Of course, we can’t forget the libations: Williams Pearwell, Ruby Gem (the special of the day), and Jackalberry. Everything that we ordered was enough for all four of us. It filled us up, everything was cooked beautifully and the drinks were delicious. Roni preferred and I both preferred the Ruby Gem and Michelle found the Jackalberry delightful with its spicy kick!

Beignet Fest

We were pleasantly surprised to find out that October is the month of festivals in New Orleans. And how fitting that the Beignet Fest was going to be on while we were in town. Of course, this festival was a must for me, and Michelle and I made sure our group would make it one of the top priorities of things to check out. There were over 20 food vendors, a long row of local artisans and shops (Artist Market), a music stage with live music and an area for the kids. These were the four vendors we chose to taste test their signature beignets.


Their line up was super, super long. So long, that we decided to split up and get all the other beignets while Rach stood in line for their jerk chicken beignet. It. Was. Worth. The. Wait. For a savoury beignet, the balance of spices in the jerk sauce was on point. Just enough of a kick but not too much that you couldn’t taste all the flavours. And the beignet was the perfect vessel to carry the sauce.

Cocoa and Cream

This one was our only dessert beignet. This fig and cream cheese Mardi Gras beignet was the most expensive out of all the ones we bought when it comes to how much your getting for what you are paying. It was good, but what was interesting was that the cooked fig filling tasted like apples. Aside from that the cream cheese filling did balance out the sweetness. I just wished that there had been more of the fig filling to balance out the amount of cream cheese and that there was more of a “figgy” taste to it. But overall, it was still delicious.

Girls Gone Vegan

We decided to change things up and try something new. A vegan take on the beignet. These are the Girls Gone Vegan’s sweet potato beignets with a tangy tomato sauce. These vegan-inspired beignets were a surprising hit! The beignet itself had more of a hush puppy consistency and was spiced well. The tangy tomato sauce definitely lived up to its name. Put the two together and you get a contender! We really enjoyed these beignets as well.

Ruby Slipper Café

I had wanted to go eat at this café, but since we didn’t have enough days to squeeze them in, trying their signature beignets – we chose the pork cochon and hollandaise beignets, was the closest we could get. It was delicious! The hollandaise sauce was not as thick in consistency as I had anticipated, but it did not lose flavour by any means. If anything, the sweet, savoury and citrus-y flavours all complimented each other. It was definitely a favourite for us.

This festival is definitely family friendly. If there could be one area for improvement, that would be to have some more seating area available for general attendees to use while out in the blazing sun with no shade or cover.

And there we have it for part one of our two-part New Orleans Foodie eats! Stay tuned next week for more beignets, seafood, and deep-fried goodness with a surprise or two!

‘Til next time,

Stay Nerdalicious!

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