Nerdie Foodie: The Big Easy 2019

Welcome back Nerdie Foodies to Part 2 of our two-part series on New Orleans! How did y’all enjoy Part 1? This week we take a look at the rest of the eateries we visited while in the Big Easy. Time to finish this tour off with style!


Let’s go!


Modern, very PNW (Pacific Northwest), and 100% light and refreshing! This spot on Magazine Street was a great relief from the blazing sun during the heatwave. The fish was fresh and the toppings were delicious. Everything from the type of fish to the base to the sauces and toppings can all be customizable if there is something you don’t like. This was also very easy to share with another person in case you decide you can’t finish since they are bowls. Can’t decide on what to drink? Try one of their house-made agua frescas! The watermelon cucumber is a great combination!

The Vintage

Another beignet location that our girl Michelle (Nerdy Gras) had been wanting to try for a really long time but had yet to go for a bite. Their beignets have a texture that is more doughnut-like, with modern twists in flavour combinations and is definitely Insta-worthy. We ordered the fancy beignet flight and chose the matcha cheesecake, blueberry and s’mores beignets. The flavour combinations were delightful, but there could have been more matcha flavour since it is a bit overpowered by the cheesecake flavour. And what would have been better is if the beignet had filling on both sides so that when you share the beignet with others (like we did), everyone would have had some of the filling in their beignet portion. But their Pimm’s Cup is amazingly delicious!


This was a spontaneous stop as we were getting tired and hungry from exploring Magazine Street on our first full day in New Orleans. We took a chance with Anatolia and were instantly in love with the Mediterranean décor and the friendly atmosphere. We ordered the hummus appetizer, falafel, Greek salad, the triple meat plate, and the Adana Kabob which came highly recommended by our waitress. The Adana kabob quickly became our favourite as the meat was well spiced, tender and moist, and very flavourful. We also were curious as to what a Lebanese Ice Tea was exactly and that was what made us decide to go ahead and check out this restaurant in the first place. Turns out Lebanese ice tea at Anatolia is tea with rose water with simple syrup and pine nuts. As crazy as it sounds, the floral flavour was present but not overwhelming. It was very refreshing and delicious! We highly recommend this place for delicious, traditional Mediterranean food!


First, let me preface by saying that we are spoiled here in Vancouver, Canada when it comes to sushi. I usually try to avoid trying Asian food if I’m not in Asia or Vancouver. But, after a quick Google search, I was willing to try Poseidon. This place was very close to the Sully Mansion and is within walking distance. We were not disappointed with the quality of the sashimi and sushi, and ordered the Gold Treasure roll, Fantastic Roll, Chirashi Deluxe, and the veggie gyoza. We would definitely come back to this place again if we could.

Carousel Bar

The Carousel Bar is located inside the luxurious and luscious Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter. We did entertain the though (for a very crazy short amount of time) of staying in the Hotel Moteleone, but the hotel price was definitely over our budget. So instead we made a decision early on to pay a visit to the Carousel Bar. This is probably one of the more unique bars we have had the privilege of visiting. Celebrating their 70th birthday this year, the carousel is still going strong. Their drinks were very good and their bartenders are a bit heavy-handed on the alcohol, at least more than what we were used to. It is definitely a fun bar to be sitting in and finding a seat for a group of four is a little tricky and takes patience So much so that Rach and I went scientific and decided to figure out how long it takes for the carousel to make one full rotation (14 minutes and 27.34 seconds). We definitely left the bar feeling a bit tipsy. But it was worth it!

ACME Oyster House

Oh. My. Lanta. This place may look like a dive-y bar, but it is definitely a sure spot to get great food. Oysters. We got a half dozen of raw oysters and chargrilled each. Definitely worth it. The raw oysters had a very clean taste and the chargrilled oysters were covered in a delicious cheesy, herb-y, butter sauce. You will need more bread to mop up all the sauce. It is a must. The hush puppies were to die for and we ordered 2 servings. The seafood étouffée – the sauce mixed with the fried seafood and rice is divine!

Café Du Monde

Cue in the angelic music. This was our first stop as soon as we arrived to New Orleans for the iconic beignet. Crispy outside, airy inside and piled high with powdered sugar. I can proudly say that I did not splatter powdered sugar all over me on my first bite! The plain flavour of the beignet is the perfect vessel for the sweetness of the powdered sugar. Then of course you must order a café au lait. We did the frozen version thanks to the heatwave. Not only did the ice cooled us off, but the chicory actually did cut the bitterness of the coffee so it’s not too harsh of a taste. Who knew that the sweetness of powdered sugar covered beignets and the sharpness of the café au lait would be perfect partners? This Nerdie Foodie will gladly have some more.

And that Nerdie Foodies is how we ate our way through New Orleans. What spots did we miss that we should try the next time we are in NOLA? Let us know in the comments below!

‘Til next time,

Stay Nerdalicious!

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