Nerdie Foodie: Sweets & Treats for 2018

Welcome to 2018 Nerdie Foodies! This week is all about the smart and resourcefully strong women in television and cinema. They are fictional characters of course, but they are characters whom we can look up to and know that it is okay to be original and slightly quirky. Let’s go check out a few of our favourite leading nerdettes and their favourite dishes!

Hermione Granger

Cherry Bakewell Cake

If you didn’t know it already, Harry Potter is one of my favourite book series. In The Goblet of Fire, Hermione sent Harry a cake for his birthday. Dinah Bucholz (author of The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook) decided Hermione had given Harry a Cherry Bakewell Cake for his birthday. Felicia (from The Starving Chef) tests out the recipe! Check out the recipe here and see her results in the photo below!

(Photo Credit: The Starving Chef)

Ginger Toffee Cupcakes

Speaking of birthdays, it’s only right that Hermione gets something for her birthday too. The ever-observant Darla (from Bakingdom) has noted that in the film The Half-Blood Prince, Hermione loves a hint of ginger in her butterbeer. So, she has created ginger toffee cupcakes in honour of Hermione. Check out the delicious recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Bakingdom)


Superfood Chocolate Bars

What girl doesn’t need a chocolate fix unless you are allergic? I would think Supergirl would be the same as us human females. This dark chocolate bar has some healthy ingredients in it thanks to Katie (from Chocolate Covered Katie). Check out this easy recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Chocolate Covered Katie)

Daria Morgendorffer


Oh Daria, the 90s teenager whom we all could relate to when it came to trying to just get through high school without much notice or spotlight on us for being smart and without much care in the world for the “in” crowd. But one thing is for sure, Daria loves her pizza.


It’s only right that we learn how to make homemade pizza from someone just as enthusiastic, Chef Gennaro Contaldo (mentor of Chef Jamie Oliver). I think Daria would approve. Check out this authentic homemade pizza recipe below!


Willow Rosenberg

Lemon Lavender Bread

Even witches need to have a pick-me-up snack when on patrol to keep the demons and vampires at bay. Willow’s concoction of lemon and lavender flavoured bread will do the trick for the Scooby gang. Christ-Rachael Oseland (from Kitchen Overlord) has the recipe for you here! Demons and vampires beware!

(Photo Credit: Kitchen Overlord)

Lisa Simpson

Gazpacho Soup

Who remembers the episode where Lisa Simpson sticks to her guns and becomes a vegetarian? I sure do. This kid is spunky, smart and a strong kid. Lisa contributes gazpacho soup to the neighbourhood barbeque and that is what we are going to be featuring in this post! Nothing like a good refreshing soup every now and then. Chef Omar Allibhoy (from Tapas Revolution) shares with us his gazpacho soup recipe below!


Amy Farrah Fowler

Spaghetti with Sliced Hotdogs

Ever the go-getter, Amy uses her neurobiology skills to land her man. Smart girl! So, she makes Sheldon Cooper’s favourite meal: spaghetti with sliced hotdogs and strawberry quik.


Bella (from Adventuress) shares with us her spaghetti with sliced hotdogs recipe here! Nothing wrong with having childhood favourites for meals every now and then!

(Photo Credit: Adventuress)

Princess Leia Organa

Nutella Frosted Cinnamon Buns

What a better way to give tribute to my general (and princess) than cinnamon buns – the edible kind. Bring them up a notch with Nutella as the icing! Denise Bryant (from My Thrifty House) shares with us her homemade cinnamon bun recipe with Nutella frosting here! May she rest in peace.

(Photo Credit: My Thrifty House)

Happy baking and creating!

‘Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!

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  1. What a fun post. Thanks for sharing my Princess Leia cinnamon buns.

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