Nerdie Foodie: Super Mario Bros

Hellooo Nerdie Foodies! It has been quite the Nerdstalgia week! This week, we are going all out with Super Mario Brothers! A classic Nintendo video game series that I have enjoyed playing over the years with my family. But now, it’s time to 1-Up on the foodie scene with these Super Mario-tastic items. Let’s go!


Spaghetti sub sandwiches that are 1-Up-ed. Seriously. Homemade garlic bread stuffed with Spaghetti Bolognese. The guys over at SORTEDfood show us how it is done! Check out the video below!


Not gonna lie, I really want to try this recipe one day haha!


Nerdy Nummies has a fab popsicle recipe for us! You have to have Goombas if you want to have a Super Mario game. Who knew that Goombas would taste so sweet? Ro knew. Check out the video below!



iHasCupquake have two fun cookie recipes for us! First up, we all need the clouds to be reborn. I know I needed to be fished out of the abyss on the Rainbow race track in the Mario Cart games and during the battle rounds in Super Smash Bros. Check out the video below! Bonus, these are gluten free!


The second recipe is for sugar cookies and you get to make them into the mushrooms! Check out the fun recipe and how-to below! Maybe you’ll get to 1-UP your cookies!



And of course, kids can make these fun Mario mushrooms out of marshmallows! The girls from Charli’s Crafty Kitchen shows us how in the video below! I can safely say this recipe is kid-friendly AND kid-approved!



Obviously, we can’t have a kid’s version without a fancy big kid’s version. So, I give you Ann Reardon’s chocolate version of the Mario mushrooms from How to Cook That. Check out the video below!



Speaking of chocolate, Nerdy Nummies has got us covered for these beautiful Bob-omb truffles! These are just adorable! Check out the video below!



Finally, the cake that made me want to write a solo Super Mario foodie post is the question block surprise cake from Ro! I’ll just let you watch this fab creation come to life below.


There you have it! All of these recipes are super creative and beautiful works of foodie art! I can’t wait to try my hand at some of these recipes one day. Share with us photos of your creations! We’d love to see what y’all have tried and tested.

‘Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!

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