Nerdie Foodie: Star Wars Movie Night Snacks

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Aside from Harry Potter (and possibly Marvel), there are a few series that can stir up some nerdy love for a movie night quite like the Star Wars series. Whether you’re into the original trilogy, the latest batch, or you’re one of those rare gems that’s looking to revisit the prequels, having the right snacks can help set the scene perfectly. These snacks might not raise your midi-chlorian count (at least we don’t think so,) but they can definitely enhance your enjoyment of a Star Wars night. Let’s go!

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There are few cinema snacks that is as classic and well-beloved as popcorn. There are plenty of recipes you can find to make your own cinema sweet popcorn at home, but if you’re looking to get into the Star Wars mood, why not take inspiration from the location that appears the most across all trilogies? You know my love for all things Claire Saffitz, so this shouldn’t be a surprise as we dig into the archives from her time at Bon Appetit. This buffalo wing popcorn recipe takes a very different approach, mixing a little spice with the caramel sweetness, much better suited to the sandy jagged terrain of Tatooine. Check out the recipe in the highlighted link above!

(Photo Credit: Bon Appetit)

Exploding Bonbons

While this recipe might have originally been made for the Wizarding World, these exploding bonbons are perfect for a Star Wars night, bringing up favourite scenes that came with a bang – like the time Luke trusts the Force for the first time and making a one-in-a-million shot that causes the Death Star to explode! These chocolate-y bonbons will explode just the same when you bite into them! Check out the recipe from Adelle Belnap in the highlighted link above!

(Photo Credit: Adelle Belnap/Get Away Today)

Gummy Bears

While a tried-and-true classic, you’ll look at these candies differently as you enjoy the original trilogy. This authentic gummy bear recipe from Liz of Sugar Geek Show is perfect for playing the role of the cuddly (yet massively maligned) Ewoks from the forest moon of Endor. This recipe doesn’t take as much effort as you might think, and you can even replace the sugar in the recipe with fruit juice for a change in flavors! Check out the highlighted link above for the recipe and video tutorial!

(Photo Credit: Sugar Geek Show)

Lightsaber Pretzels

How uncivilized all these treats might be, Obi-Wan might think. But that’s not the case for these lightsaber-inspired pretzels! A sweeter approach to the pretzel, these are decorated with white chocolate chips and food coloring! You might be collecting them like General Grievous by the end of the night! Just remember to not spend the whole movie playing with them, you’ll have to eat them at some point too. Check out the link above from Food for this super simple recipe!

(Photo Credit: Food.)

Blue Bantha Milk

There are few scenes from this franchise that leaves a certain impression, one of them being Luke Skywalker reappearance in Episode 8 taking a big sip of some truly off-putting milk. However, this frosty Bantha milk recipe makes that particular “delicacy” much more appetizing and it’s even tastier than it looks, too! What’s more, it only takes four ingredients to make this delicious sweet treat. If you need ideas on blue drink mix, think along the lines of Hawaiian Punch and Kool Aid as Tracy (from Baking Mischief) suggests. Check out the recipe in the link above!

(Photo Credit: Baking Michief)

Finally, the great thing about these treats is that you don’t have to have them just on movie nights. Make enough for yourself and you could enjoy the same snack the day after!

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