Nerdie Foodie: Spooky Boozy Beverages

Welcome back Nerdie Foodies to Week 2 of all-things Halloween! This week is all about the spooky boozy drinks and cocktails. Apologies to all the nerdlings who follow Nerdie Foodie, this week is for all the adults. Please drink responsibly.

Let’s dive right into it!

Embalming Fluid

This creative drink is by Tara Noland (from Noshing with the Nolands). Very befitting as you prepare your body and mind for all the creepy yet yummy Halloween eats and treats! Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Noshing with the Nolands)

Oogie Boogie Cocktail

One can’t go wrong with Oogie Boogie during Halloween. What can go wrong with a citrus-y sour drink that is topped with a candy worm? Ashley (from Let’s Mingle) shares with us her A Nightmare Before Christmas inspired drink here!

(Photo Credit: Let’s Mingle)

Sleepy Hollow

This beautifully photogenic drink was created by the team from The Jewels of New York. This drink might just be potent enough to put someone to sleep for 250 years. Maybe. So, drink this with caution. You can find the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: The Jewels of New York)

Rum Amuck!

Michelle (aka. Elle from Elle Talk) has a favourite movie during this time of year, Hocus Pocus. This drink is inspired by one of the movie’s characters, Sarah Sanderson. Check out this ghoulishly spiked milkshake recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Elle Talk)

Black Widow Venom

What a better way to serve cocktails than in the form of a shot? A venom shot from the black widow to be precise. Gina (from The Shabby Creek Cottage) shares with us her black widow venom recipe that is very apropos for any Halloween party. Find the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: The Shabby Creek)

Black Widow Cocktail

If the venom from black widows are not enough for you, why not try the full-on cocktail? Bobby Pathammovong from Evermine Occasions has created this Black Widow cocktail, containing blackberries and vodka. Mix and drink at your own risk. You can find the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Evermine Occasions)

Grave Digger

For those whom are more inclined to drinking hard cider, you may want to try this drink from Toni (Boulder Locavore) which she named The Grave Digger. Hard cider, whiskey and ginger ale, all chilled with crushed ice. Find the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Boulder Locavore)

The Witch’s Heart

Would you dare to have an encounter with a witch? If so, Dini (from The Flavor Bender) shares with us her recipe in the case you do encounter a witch and need a potion called The Witch’s Heart. You can find the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: The Flavor Bender)


We can’t forget all the zombies out there. As Jamie Harrington (from Totally the Bomb) states, even zombies need to have a Happy Hour drink from chasing humans all day and night long. You can find the recipe for this fun drink here!

(Photo Credit: Totally the Bomb)

Black Magic

And finally, it’s not Halloween without a little black magic. This glittery, dark and mysterious drink is another creation from Elle. It reminds me of the mysterious darkness Halloween brings like a magical cloak. You can find the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Elle Talk)

If you try to make any of these drinks at home, let us know in the comments below. And as always, please drink responsibly.

‘Til next time,

Stay spookalicious!

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