Nerdie Foodie: Spooktacular Halloween Treats

Hellooo October! It’s that time of year again Nerdie Foodies, where the leaves have changed colour and chocolate and candy are abundant in the stores in preparation for Halloween. So, to get us all into a Halloween mood, I have found some fun Spooktacular Halloween recipes! Let’s check them out!

Strawberry Ghosts

We all know about chocolate covered strawberries. But how about we crank it up a notch and turn them into these cute ghosts? They’re just as cute as Casper, the friendly ghost. Jen (from Yummy Healthy Easy) shares with us her way of making this yummy treat here!

(Photo Credit: Yummy Healthy Easy)

Sweet Pumpkins

If pumpkins and rice krispy squares were to combine together, it would be this sweet Halloween treat. Debbie Chapman (One Little Project At A Time) show us how to make your rice krispy treats into these fun pumpkins! Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: One Little Project At A Time)

Chocolate Bark

How can you spice up the regular chocolate bark? How about adding in a bit of the chocolate bars and candy one can find during Halloween time? With edible googly eyes no less. TipBuzz shares with us their recipe here!

(Photo Credit: TipBuzz)

Shepard’s Pie

Now I know, normally, shepherd’s pie closer towards Christmas time and the winter season. But if you love carving pumpkins, you’re going to love this recipe! You get to carve orange bell peppers and stuff them with shepherd’s pie as the filling! Thanks to Brianne Izzo (Cupcakes & Kale Chips), she shows us how here!

(Photo Credit: Cupcakes & Kale Chips)

Breadstick Bones

These are not the breadsticks you were expecting to find. These are cheesy and in the shape of bones! This fun recipe is from Kelly Senyei (Just a Taste). Check out how to spookify your cheesy breadsticks here!

(Photo Credit: Just a Taste)

Graveyard Shooters

Now remember, this next recipe is a dessert shooter. A fun dessert to make for a Halloween party! Chocolate, cookies and cream cheese. What’s not to like? Topped with ghosts and tombstones, Sam (from Sugar Spun Run) shows us how here!

(Photo Credit: Sugar Spun Run)

Spider Cupcakes

These spiders are fun and cute, even I’m not scared of these! Erin (from Texanerin Baking) shares with us her recipe and she even has a gluten-free option for those whom are celiac! This one is a full on pumpkin cupcake, complete with a cream cheese frosting. You can find the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Texanerin Baking)

Halloween Hot Chocolate

Nothing like a mug of hot chocolate to warm you up during the cold weather. What’s great about this one is that you can make it in your slow cooker! My Incredible Recipes share with us their recipe here, complete with Halloween colours!

(Photo Credit: My Incredible Recipes)

Vampire Hot Chocolate

You can never have too much hot chocolate, right? You can always rotate through all the different hot chocolate recipes. Angie (from Big Bear’s Wife) agrees and shows us how we can turn out regular hot chocolate recipes into one that even the vampires will enjoy. Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Big Bear’s Wife)

Boo-nilla Milkshakes

We started this post with ghosts, so we’ll conclude this post with a ghostly drink, boo-nilla milkshakes! Kristyn (from Lil’ Luna) shares with us this delicious vanilla milkshake. Side note, you can use a black marker or paint to draw the faces on the outside of the glass jars. You can find the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Lil’ Luna)

Now was that Spooktacular or what? I can’t wait to try some of these recipes myself.

Stay nerdalicious!

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