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Konnichiwa Nerdie Foodies to the glimpse of the world of Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli! Specifically, the film Spirited Away, also known as Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi! Miyazaki’s Spirited Away enraptured me as a child, and especially now with all the food that is featured in the film. So, let’s check out a few of them now!


This triangular shaped rice snack was consumed by Chihiro in the film. Onigiri is a staple in Japan that can easily be eaten on-the-go for those that are looking for something portable. Feast of Fiction shows us how to make our own onigiri at home! Check out the video below!


Spirited Away’s Big Bun

Found in most Asian countries, this sweet bun happens to be filled with red bean paste. Chihiro eats one when she’s in the bath house. However, these types of buns can be filled with practically anything, so the choices really are endless! Japanese YouTuber Bonobos25 shows us how to make their version of the red bean paste steamed buns at home! You may want to check out your local specialty Asian food store to find a couple of the ingredients. Check out the video tutorial below! 

Note: The ingredients list goes by fairly quickly at the beginning of the video. Check out the video’s description box for the list of ingredients.


No Face Popsicles

Another YouTuber, Cupcake Girl, shows us how to make vegan and dairy free popsicles in the form of No Face, the spirit that relies on people’s emotions. Just remember, don’t take any gold from No Face if you don’t want any bad luck!

Note: List of ingredients and recipe are written in the video’s description box. 


Sweet Sushi

SUSHIIIIII!!! A favourite amongst the NC ladies. And of course, there would be sushi in Spirited Away.

(Courtesy of Pinterest)

So, one of my favourite Youtubers, Elise Strachan of My Cupcake Addiction, shares with us her recipe for candy cookie sushi that requires NO BAKING! Check it out below!


Soot Sprites

Soot Sprites are just adorable (in anime form of course!). Period. That is why I had to add in these cute cupcakes that look like the soot sprites in this post! YouTuber SugarCoder shows us how we can turn our cupcakes into soot sprites below!


Bonus Ramen

Bonus content? Of course! Hayao Miyazaki shows us how to make his version of ramen, also known as “Poor Man’s Salt Flavoured Ramen”, and in large quantities. Don’t worry, there are English subtitles in the video. Check out the famed anime artist cooking at Studio Ghibli

Arigatou gozaimasu!

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  1. I had a steamed bun for the first time this weekend. It tasted completely different that I expected- in a good way.

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