Nerdie Foodie: Singles Awareness Day

Valentine’s Day. The one day in the calendar year where couples are out celebrating their love for each other and for the rest of us singletons to avoid such places at all costs or throw our own parties for Singles Awareness Day as Joseph Vincent so eloquently explains to us.


And who says you have to be alone? Why not throw a party for all your pals to help each other get through this once a year celebration? Totally acceptable on Singles Awareness Day. Let’s go.


Grumpy Cat meet Singles Awareness Day. iHasCupquake shows us how to make our very own batch of Grumpy Cat cookies with an anti-Valentine’s Day twist. Check out this fun art project below!


Cake Pops

Shot Through the Heart cake pops. Anyone else have Bon Jovi in their head? Maybe this will help hehe!


Ginnie, from Hello Little Home, shows us how to make the cake pop version. Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Hello Little Home)


Dessert pies are yummy! But what happens when you mix dessert pies with Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Strawberry Staked Heart Hand pies of course. The Sugared Nerd shows us how here!

(Photo Credit: Sugared Nerd)


Of course, nothing says I love you more than chocolate in my humble opinion. I am a professed chocoholic after all. First up, Gretchen (from Gretchen’s Bakery) shows us how to make a tequila lime chocolate truffle. It’s pretty much a margarita drink in a chocolate truffle. Check out the video below!


And if you haven’t been on social media lately, these Anti-Valentine’s Day Poo chocolate fudges are a fun treat to have at your Singles Awareness Day party. Beth, from Hungry Happenings, shows us how. Check out the full recipe here. For a quick tutorial, check out the video below!



And finally, round out your party night with real margaritas. But this time, why not try the Pop Rocks flavoured kind? Brinton Parker, from Popsugar: Food, shows us how here! They really look deliciously fun and ‘90s all rolled into one!

(Photo Credit: Popsugar)

And there you go! A party to remember. It doesn’t have to be a total pity party. It can be a party on feeling comfortable in being single. Cheers to all the singletons out there!

‘Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!

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