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Hello Nerdie Foodies! We are back from our mini break and feeling refreshed just in time for what we like to call Shazac Week. That’s right, if you can’t tell already, it is all things Shazam! thanks to our Nerd Leader, Zachary Levi! If you don’t know the history of Nerdy Curiosities or you’ve just recently joined the Curious Crowd (welcome), NC would not have been possible if it weren’t Zac and his fundraiser weekend that was NerdHQ in San Diego all the way back to 2014! Okay, enough gushing, on with the recipes! And this is a going to be a historic Nerdie Foodie post.

Say the Word Pizza

That’s all there is to it. Just say the word: Shazam! And bam! You have a homemade pizza (homemade crust is optional). Thanks to Geeks Who Eat, this pie is healthy, tasty, and above all, electrifying. Check out their recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Geeks Who Eat)

Shazam! Sugar Cookies

Who doesn’t love an easy sugar cookie that they can nerdify? Jenn Fujikawa (from justJENN) shares with us her sugar cookie recipe (she has that on a separate link in the post) and decorating how-to in this fun recipe. What’s cool about this recipe is that is has edible sugar paper! You can check it out here!

(Photo Credit: justJENN)

Shazam! Cake

Now this cake, this cake is impressive! JK Denim (from Koalipops) shows us how we can make our very own Shazam torso cake. The detailing in this tutorial is impressive yet he makes it look so easy! You can check out the video tutorial below!


Shazam! Shortbread Cookies

And finally, for the first time ever in Nerdie Foodie history, these shortbread cookies are of my own creation. That’s right Nerdie Foodies! I have decided to share with you my own baking! The shortbread cookie recipe was adapted from Gemma Stafford’s (Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking) 3-ingredient cookie recipe which you can find here! Add some food colouring to get the bold red and yellow colours, a few more tweaks to the recipe and Shazam! Nerdified shortbread cookies that I think Billy Batson would approve of!

(Photo Credit: Nerdy Curiosities)

Are you going to see Shazam! this weekend? We may be a bit biased, since we are so proud of Zach, but let us know in the comments below on your thoughts of the movie!

‘Til next time,

Stay Nerdalicious!

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