Nerdie Foodie: Shakespeare Edition

Welcome Nerdie Foodies! As you know, on April 23rd we were celebrating 400 years of William Shakespeare since his death (slightly morbid, I know). So to celebrate we are heading to see the bard! It was hard for me to find a ton of recipes that were inspired by Shakespeare and his works (which a lot of his plays were situated around feasts and drinking). So instead we are going to check out a few recipes that are inspired by Shakespeare’s work, Elizabethan food, and medieval food. Let’s go!

Shrewsbury Cakes

Jennifer B from An Aspiring Homemaker (Blog) shares with us a recipe from the Elizabethan times called Shrewsbury cakes! They look like thin shortbread cookies. Check out the recipes here!

(Photo Credit: Scot Woodman Photography)

(Photo Credit: Scot Woodman Photography)

Lemon Posset

This fancy looking thing is a Medieval times recipe. Leslie Sharp, from Scrumpdillyicious (Blog) shares with us this lemon-y custard like drink (at least it originally was a drink before it turned into a pudding) here! It even comes with a complimentary pistachio shortbread cookies recipe at the bottom half of the blog post!

(Photo Credit: Scrumpdillyicious)

(Photo Credit: Scrumpdillyicious)

Romeu E Julieta (Romeo and Juliet)

Hailing from Brazil, this dessert, inspired by Romeo and Juliet is made of queijo minas/mineiro (a type of cheese) and goiabada (guava paste). This dessert may not be dairy free, but it is gluten free. Mike Benayoun, from 196 Flavors (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) shares with us this simple recipe to make this colourful dessert here!

(Photo Credit: 196 Flavors)

(Photo Credit: 196 Flavors)

Beef and Red Wine Stew

As the saying goes, red meat with red wine, and clearly the people during medieval times thought this way as well considering they paired both ingredients together to make a hearty stew! Shelagh from Medieval Recipes (Website, Blog) shows us her recipe here!

(Photo Credit:

(Photo Credit:

Alcoholic Drinks

Sorry kids, this time it’s adults only (until you reach legal drinking age in your area), as Shakespeare’s plays had pretty much just alcohol in it. Considering the time of era for the Elizabethan period, it probably wasn’t as safe to drink water than it is now.

Shakespeare, Not Stirred is a channel on YouTube where they show you how to make boozy cocktails inspired by Shakespearean characters! First up, Othello. This one is called a Green-Eyed Monster cocktail. Check out the video below!

Next up, check out this interesting twist on a mojito called Juliet’s Emoji-to. Check out the video below!

There is also a drink inspired by The Tempest’s Prospero with a drink aptly called Dark and Stormy! For the Shakespearean version, check out the video below!

And finally, for a more classic version of this cocktail, check out Tim Philips’ Dark & Stormy cocktail in the video below!

Cheers! Where art thou celebrations may be, may libations be freely flowing with…ah forget ye olde English! Happy Shakespeare week!

Till next time,

Stay nerdalicious!


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