Nerdie Foodie: SDCC/Nerd HQ 2016 Edition

Welcome back Nerdie Foodies! Well, it is official, another NerdHQ and SDCC into the history books. This year was no exception, we had an amazing time in San Diego and we ate a ton of great food. For those whom have been following us since the beginning, you know that we went to some amazing food stops last year in San Diego (check out my post from last year here). This year we revisited some old favourites and discovered new ones! Let’s go check them out!

Phil’s BBQ

When you have been travelling all day, the first thing I want to do is eat because I’m hungry and most likely have skipped some meals due to flights. Rach, myself and another friend of ours decided to check out the eateries at the San Diego International Airport. I know what you’re thinking, airport food? Let me tell you, we had a pretty yummy barbecued meal at Phil’s BBQ. The meat was tender and easily fell off the bone, the cornbread was moist, and the coleslaw was delicious. This joint was definitely wet wipes worthy!

(Baby Back Rib Tickler – Photo Credit: Jen)

(Baby Back Rib Tickler – Photo Credit: Jen)

SLAPFISH Modern Seafood Shack

This is the one place that is not in San Diego, but we found ourselves here on our trip back home. Another good airport restaurant is the SLAPSTICK in Terminal 2 at LAX. Slightly on the pricey side, but the food is totally worth it! I had the fresh cod fish and chips (it came with homemade tartar sauce) and Rach had the tuna melt! They both came with fresh, homemade pickles, and let me tell you, even people who normally do not like pickles will love pickles from this spot! Just ask Rach.

 (Fish & Chips - Photo Credit: Jen)

(Fish & Chips – Photo Credit: Jen)

(Tuna Melt - Photo Credit: Rach)

(Tuna Melt – Photo Credit: Rach)

The Mission

One of our favourite spots in San Diego. It is our nerd family’s go to breakfast/brunch place during NerdHQ and Comic Con. The food is delicious, the service is good, their portion sizes are huge, AND they have a gluten free menu! What more can you ask for? Except for more chicken apple sausage and rosemary potatoes. Our fierce leader, Roni, swears by their lattes, and Rach and I love their mango and green tea freeze smoothies!

(Smoothies and @nerdygras not included - Photo Credits: Jaime, Jen, @MamaWalser, @nerdfitter)

(Smoothies and @nerdygras not included – Photo Credits: Jaime, Jen, @MamaWalser, @nerdfitter)

 Super Q

The ever so tasty and decadent barbeque food truck that was voted #1 in San Diego was back at NerdHQ this year! Where else can you top your mac-n-cheese with Texas brisket or your brisket with mac-n-cheese?? Only at the Super Q food truck! Seriously, their sliders are that yummy and super filling!

(Yummy Sliders and melts - Photo Credits: Rach and Jen)

(Yummy Sliders and melts – Photo Credits: Rach and Jen)

Old Spaghetti Factory

A classic American pasta place, the Old Spaghetti Factory is a great place to consider if you’re wanting to save some money and still get a great meal! Each entrée pasta dish comes with a salad as an appetizer and ice cream for dessert all included in the price of the pasta dish! The table also comes with complimentary warm bread (and yes, the bread they gave us was actually warm and yummy!) and butter. I couldn’t have asked for a more filling three-course meal and in the company of a good friend.

(Four course meal if you include the yummy bread - Photo Credit: Jen)

(Four course meal if you include the yummy bread – Photo Credit: Jen)

Stone Cold Brewery

We had the immense honour and pleasure of being invited to a bloggers/podcasters dinner. Thank you to Steve and Sully from Nerd Fu for extending the invite to us. We had an awesome evening and it was great to finally put faces to the twitter handles! The food prices were in the mid to pricey range, but that was easily resolved since all four of us NC ladies decided to just order a bunch of dishes and share everything. It was delicious and the dessert…. I’m still salivating from that cake. The food was great and the company was even better! Everyone from the Englishman in San Diego to THE Corgi Kohmander and the two Dianas (I swear that was one of the few names I remembered from the large round table), everyone was lovely and positively kind. I felt like we just got accepted to the cool kids table that night.

(The aftermath - Photo Credit: Jen)

(The aftermath – Photo Credit: Jen)

Bonus Feature

This year NerdHQ decided to feed us inside The New Children’s Museum by providing free bowls and boxes of Kellogg’s Krave cereal at the cereal bar! And in honour of Krave cereal, Toronto comic book artist Francis Manapul created the Krave Chocofitti Wall of this Optimus Prime-esque artwork and Wonder Woman out of Krave cereal, melted chocolate, and white icing.

(Photo Credits: Rach and @wookiegirl75)

(Photo Credits: Rach and @wookiegirl75)

All in all, you’d think that I would think nothing would top last year’s NerdHQ and San Diego experience, but yet some how, this year topped last year’s. I can’t wait to see what NerdHQ 2017 will bring us!

Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!


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