Nerdie Foodie: Realistic Halloween Treats

Welcome back Nerdie Foodies! With Halloween being only 6 days 1 day away, what a better way to amp up your Halloween party food table with some realistic and creep-tastic treats for you and your friends to consume? We found 5 recipes that would add some oomph to your repertoire. Who knows, some of it might actually be real….

You have been warned. These recipes are not for the faint of heart.




Turn back now before it’s too late.




Last chance to turn back.




Okay! Let’s go.

Cockroach Donuts (Boston Cream)

With a bit of artistic flair and know how (aka. follow this detailed tutorial), you too can have realistic edible cockroaches at your Halloween party! Thanks to Paper, Plate, and Plane (from Instructables), check out how you can create your very own batch of Boston Cream donuts shaped as cockroaches right here!

(Photo Credit: Paper, Plate, and Plane/Instructables)

Deep Fried Savoury Bat Wings

Hellen Die is the culinary genius behind this Halloween and Horror dedicated blog called Eat the Dead, where everything is horror or Halloween related 24/7, 365 days a year! She creates this genius recipe that will make your Halloween guests believe you’ve actually caught and fried up real bat wings. Check out her recipe and tutorial here!

(Photo Credit: Eat the Dead)

Zombie Guts (Cinnamon Rolls)

For something even more realistic, Stacey and Jennifer (from In The Kids Kitchen) share with us their recipe and tutorial for red velvet cinnamon rolls that will look like intestines! Let me warn you by saying that this recipe actually does very realistic to the human intestinal tract (aka. our guts) if it’s been infected. But only this is more delicious to eat than the real thing. Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: In The Kids Kitchen)

Spinach and Garlic Pupae on Fungus

And for those who are extremely brave, this recipe is for you. Thanks to the Eat the Dead blog, Hellen Die has created another masterpiece. Everything is still edible, only this time, the pupae in this recipe are real silkworm pupae. Nope, you’re not mistaken. Real silkworm pupae. Also keep in mind that this recipe requires some prep work the day/night before you would like to put everything together and serve. Check out the recipe here if you dare…

(Photo Credit: Eat the Dead)

Dead Man’s Kiss (Alcoholic)

And finally, to wash it all down, how about some homemade black vodka? Note, this recipe also requires you to wait 24hrs for things to come together, so make this in advance. Anne-Marie Nichols (from This Mama Cooks! On A Diet) shares with us her recipe here! It looks eerily delicious!

(Photo Credit: This Mama Cooks! On A Diet)

Will you be trying your hand at one of these recipes this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay nerdalicious and have a Happy Halloween!


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