Nerdie Foodie: Pokémon Day

Hello Nerdie Foodies! We are Pokémon centric here at NC this week! To continue Pokémon Day, we have some amazingly yummy treats for you to try out! Just a little something to recharge yourself after a hard day of training and battling Pokémon!

Lava Cookies

Also known as Lavaridge Rice Cookies, these crispy cookies are completely homemade! Diana (from Fiction-Food Café) shares with us her recipe on creating these cute crunchy snacks. And even better, you can make them spicy for a bit of a kick! Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Fiction-Food Café)

Big Malasada

Who doesn’t love pillow-y soft, deep-fried donuts that may or may not have a filling on the inside? The malasada is just that. Thanks to Bryan (from LVL. 1 Chef) shows us how to make our very own fluffy malasadas! The choices for fillings and toppings are endless. This one is for all you carb-lovers out there. Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: LVL. 1 Chef)

Jelly-Filled Donuts

Speaking of donuts, who remembers the time where the American dubbed version of Pokémon had onigiri (rice balls) as jelly-filled donuts? Katherina (from Pretty Cake Machine) does, and she’s turned it to a jelly donut that looks like onigiri! Check out this fun recipe here. And don’t forget the coconut coating to make it look like rice!

(Photo Credit: Pretty Cake Machine)

Poké Puffs

Nothing like a special treat to reward your Pokémon for a job well done. Well how about having some poké puffs that human trainers can eat? There are many methods in making poké puffs, this one just happens to be a cupcake based one. Elise (from Elise’s Eats) shows us step-by-step on how to create these poké puffs from basic to deluxe. Check out the video tutorial below. For the written recipe, you can find it here!

Pineapple Pikachu Daiquiri



Who doesn’t love a great refreshing drink? This Nerdie Foodie does! Thank you Brittanie (from Simplistically Living) for sharing this fruity cocktail with us! Best of all, if you omit the vodka component, you can turn this cocktail into a mocktail for the nerdlings so that everyone can enjoy! Check out the recipe here.

(Photo Credit: Simplistically Living)

And there you have it! Five fun and delicious treats to help you continue your Pokémon Day celebrations!

‘Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!

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