Nerdie Foodie: Percy Jackson

Welcome back to another post of Nerdie Foodie. This week we are just in time for Percy Jackson’s birthday! August 18, 1993. The demi-god turns 24 this year. In celebration, here are a few treats, drinks and of course the cake! Let’s go!

Blue Waffles

As per Percy’s mother, blue waffles are for special occasions. Since it is Percy’s birthday, what is a better way than to start of this birthday party with some blue waffles? Bryton Taylor (from In Literature) shares with us her recipe here!

(Photo Credit: In Literature)

Lotus Flower Cookies

These cookies not only look beautiful, but they also look delicious! Just be careful you don’t eat all of them in one sitting. That might be possible. Check out the recipe and how-to tutorial from Nerdy Nummies below!


Golden Drachmas and Poseidon Cookies

These sugar cookies would be a great addition to any party! What a great way to show your heritage and be proud of who you are and where you come from. Marissa Fischer (from Rae Gun Ramblings) shares with us her recipes here!

(Photo Credit: Rae Gun Ramblings)

Ambrosia Nectar and Squares

When one of your parents is a god, the good stuff would be pulled out for celebration. Birthdays can be one such occasion right? At least I would think so. So why wouldn’t they (and us) consume some ambrosia nectar and ambrosia squares? Feast of Fiction has us covered with these golden creations. Check out the video below!


Golden Ambrosia

If you prefer more of a juice ambrosia than a smoothie-esque ambrosia, we have you covered! Check out this gorgeous concoction by Heather Zundel (The Secret Adventures of WriterGirl) here!

(Photo Credit: The Secret Adventures of WriterGirl)

Half-Blood Nectar (aka. Liquid Chocolate Chip Cookies)

This one is like a liquid pudding, only it tastes like chocolate chip cookies! Now who wouldn’t be energized by that? Lucia Linkletter (from Scribbler in the Scullery) has that recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Scribbler in the Scullery)

Trident Cake

A cake fit for a demi-god! This beautiful cake is decorated in shades of blue fondant. Perfect colours to represent the God of the Sea’s son. Kristie (from our kerrazy adventure) shares with us her decorating steps and tips that you can use to decorate the cake flavour of your choice! Check out the steps here!

(Photo Credit: our kerrazy adventure)

Happy 24th birthday Percy Jackson! Here’s to many more adventures in your lifetime!

‘Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!

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