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Hello Foodies! Happy Good Friday to you all! In case you missed the Easter post, have no fear, the link to that post is here! Now if you know me, I love macarons and I love making macarons. Macarons are a great medium to be creative! Let’s see what you can create with a simply macaron batter dyed in different colours! Let’s go!

There are a few different methods to making macarons including baking times, oven temperatures, Italian meringue method, French meringue method, Swiss meringue method, rotate the pan during baking time, do not rotate pan during baking time, etc. But if you already have a tried and true method to making these finicky yet delicious desserts, go ahead and stick with that. If this is your first attempt at making these, don’t fret! Most of these videos have a full step-by-step tutorial from beginning to end. It does take a couple few…dozen…tries before you find a method that works for you and your oven. Most of all, have fun and get creative! There are endless flavour combinations and nerdy imagination!


Ms. Melanie (from Random Relevance) shows us how to make French macarons inspired by the one and only Cinderella! Check out her video tutorial below!


BANANAAAAAAAA!! Rosie (from Rosie’s Dessert Spot) shows us how to make macarons that look very realistic to the real deal Minions. No seriously, they look so real! Check out the video below!


One of my fave characters from Super Smash Bros! Rosanna Pansino (from Nerdy Nummies) shows us how to make Kirby come out from a blank macaron shell! Check out the video below!


This forest sprite is already dang cute! If it’s actually possible he’s even cuter in mac form! Ro (@RosannaPansino) shows us how to make adorable Totoro from macarons! Check out the video below!


Alisa (from Alisa Tokyo Select) shows us how to turn chocolate macs into this cute bear! Check out the video tutorial below!


Now I’m really showing my age. I used to draw Keroppi all the time. This time, Alisa (@TokyoAlisa) shows us how to make this cute frog from Sanrio out of macarons. Check out the video below!

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh, in tsum tsum form! Miki (from SugarCoder) shows us how to create our own tsum tsum Winnie the Poohs in the video below!

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

Disney. Such a classic even in macaron form! Miki (@sugarcoder) shows us how in the video tutorial below! Check it out!

Seasame Street

Tammy (from YoyoMax12) shows us how to make Cookie Monster and Elmo macarons!! They are too adorable for words! Check out the how-to video below!

Honey & Butter

Pawel and Leanne are the owners of Honey & Butter (Website & Instagram). Their character macarons are Out. Of. This. World. I’m totally serious. I have never been to Costa Mesa in California before and it never was on my bucket list of places to travel to. Now I have a reason to go visit Costa Mesa and a reason why Costa Mesa is on my travelling bucket list is because of these limited daily-themed macarons (once they are sold out, they are sold out for the day) on top of their regular macs. So if you’re ever in the area and you’re craving a character macaron (everything from Toy Story to tsum tsums to Pusheen in an ice cream cone), check this place out (they will be opening their very first store front very soon)! Leanne’s creative and artistic skills are both something that I aspire to attain one day when I too can become the master of the mac.

(Photo Credit: Honey & Butter)

(Photo Credit: Honey & Butter)

Are you overloaded with all this adorable cuteness as I am feeling?? Get out there and see what you can create this Easter! Maybe the Easter Bunny will make a macaron appearance! You just never know! Don’t forget to share a photo of your creations with us, as we love to see what y’all have come up with!

Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!


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