Nerdie Foodie: Missing Link

Welcome back to another Nerdie Foodie! Who doesn’t love a movie about finding family and discovering someone like Bigfoot, Yeti or Sasquatch? This Nerdie Foodie sure does and so do the characters in Laika Studios’ latest feature film, Missing Link.


So, this week on Nerdie Foodie, it’s all about the Bigfoot-Sasquatch-Yeti family. Come along and join us for some fun eats and treats! Let’s go!

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Missing Link Bigfoot Bars

These bars are so fun for the nerdlings! Who doesn’t want to eat Bigfoot feet that are sweet and salty? That contrasting taste alone would be delicious! Meghan Cooper (from Jamonkey) shares with us her recipes and tutorial here! Best of all, this is a kid approved recipe.

(Photo Credit: Jamonkey)

Bigfoot Droppings

Now like the feet bars, this one is slightly more on the, shall we say unique side. Who wants to try some (edible) Bigfoot poop?? Hehehe! That’s right! This super easy yet creative recipe is by Crystal (from Surviving A Teacher’s Salary) and you can find the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Surviving A Teacher’s Salary)

Yeti Baked Alaska

This Yeti cake is just adorable! And how fitting that it is a baked Alaska cake! This recipe is from the folks at Genius Kitchen! This recipe is a bit more difficult and requires a bit of baking experience. However, they do provide a quick video tutorial at the beginning of the recipe post. You can check it out here!

(Photo Credit: Genius Kitchen)

Kawaii Yeti Cake

Who doesn’t love a super cute and easy to decorate cake? If the baked Alaska cake was not quite for your skill levels, this cake definitely will! Lyndsay (from Coco Cake Land) shows us her simple, decorated cake as a super cute Yeti!

Now she doesn’t give us a tutorial, but this is how you can replicate her process yourself. All you need are two cakes of the same size stacked on top of each other with filling in the middle and a crumb coat with your favourite white buttercream frosting. Next, she used fondant to cut out the base for the eyes and mouth. Note, she did not cover the entire cake with fondant, just enough of an oblong oval shape to fit the eyes and mouth. The horns are also made of fondant (think small pointy cones with a toothpick inserted in the bottom of the cone so that it can be place into the cake at the end). For the rest of the cake, you’ll need a piping bag fitted with a piping tip that has a whole bunch of holes in it (eg. Wilton tip #233 or something similar) and the “fur” of the Yeti will be created with the rest of your white buttercream frosting. You can check it out here!

(Photo Credit: Coco Cake Land)

Bigfoot Bundt Cake

Ever wanted to find Bigfoot or Sasquatch yourself? For our final recipe, this creation was by Jenn Fujikawa (from justJENN) and presented by Mike Pomranz from Food & Wine. Unfortunately, the link that was originally in the post does not exist anymore. However, Mike does describe the recipe process very well. All you need is a chocolate cake recipe, a white cake recipe, a Bigfoot cookie cutter, and a bundt cake pan. Check out the detailed tutorial that was transcribed by Mike here!

(Photo Credit: justJENN/Food & Wine)

You can check out Missing Link the movie in theatres now! Let us know if you’ve tried any of these recipes and share with us pictures of your creations on our social medias!

‘Til next time,

Stay Nerdalicious!

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  1. Thanks Jen for including my yeti cake! We saw Missing Link last month in the theater, definitely some laughs!!

    • And thank you for sharing your tutorial with us on the interwebs! So happy to hear you had a great time seeing the movie!

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