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Welcome back Nerdie Foodies to the grand finale of Jams’ Nerdie Foodie Adventures in Orlando, Florida! She is pulling out all the stops. For this third and final post, we are venturing into the Magic Kingdom! Take it away Jams!

We spent three days at Magic Kingdom so we had plenty of time to eat a lot of amazing Disney food there! So much so we had to make it into its own post! Let’s dive into all the goodies from Magic Kingdom!

Gaston’s Tavern

These were honestly not the best macarons, but for $5.99 a trio I wasn’t going to complain. The cookie part was fine, the filling was just a little odd. I’m used to macarons filled with butter cream so these were a little bit of a let down for me. I’m not even sure exactly what the flavors were supposed to be as they were posted anywhere but to me they tasted like vanilla, coffee, and…espresso? If you really want some cheap macarons then head over to Gaston’s Tavern – but if I could turn back time I probably would have gotten a giant cinnamon roll or a Lafou’s Brew instead!

Main Street Confectionary

These gigantic Mickey cookies were so delicious! We saw these in Frontier Trading Post earlier in the day but ended up purchasing this one at Main Street Confectionary. That place was dangerous! I could’ve walked out with a lot more yummy looking treats but resisted.

Sunshine Tree Terrace

This was supposed to be the Wish Granted Donut but apparently it was so new that not every cast member knew about it. On top of that they were all out of the chocolate Genie lamp that was supposed to come with it. The donut is topped with a layer of gold sprinkle sugar, and a tuft of blue cotton candy made to look like Genie rising from the lamp. Despite the lack of chocolate lamp it was still tasty, but very sweet!

The citrus swirl float was so good and refreshing! It is a swirl of frozen orange juice and vanilla ice cream over orange soda. You can also get it in a non-float form.

Pinnochio Village Haus

How adorable is this? This was the Tangled Eclair from Pinnochio Village Haus. The eclair had dulce de leche on the inside, and what would normally be the cream filling, was piped on top to look like Rapunzel’s braid. The frying pan was made of chocolate and the sugar flowers were so delicate they just melted in your mouth.

The Friar’s Nook

This is the creamy bacon macaroni and cheese tots from The Friar’s Nook. We also topped it off with some queso blanco and it was so delicious! This is supposed to be a snack but it was big enough for Rich and I to share and very satisfying for this mac and cheese loving lady!


Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe gets ragged on a lot for not having the best food. It’s pretty standard really but it’s really not bad. We tried the Mickey Cheeseburger which is topped with macaroni and cheese, flaming hot cheese dust (which really wasn’t flaming hot), bacon, tomato and lettuce and a side of french fries. It wasn’t the most life-changing burger but when you’re really hungry, this may hit the spot.

Our last morning at Magic Kingdom we bought tickets for Early Morning Magic which allows you early access into Fantasyland with hardly any crowd, and breakfast is all you care to enjoy at Cosmic Ray’s. This event was worth it merely for the fact that we got to ride all of the rides in Fantasyland in under an hour, including Seven Dwarfs Mine Train which we rode three times in a row! The breakfast was sub-par but it was fine for a buffet. Each standard plate came with pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, and potatoes. Plus there was a whole buffet of fruit, yogurt, toppings, and pastries.

Casey’s Corner

Probably my favorite quick service restaurant was Casey’s Corner. If you are lucky enough to snag a seat, you can often see either the Friendship Fantasy Faire show at the castle or the parade! Casey’s does hot dogs well. I normally don’t care for all beef hot dogs but these were really good. We got the bacon mac and cheese dog with a side of fries. So yummy!

Another lunch from Casey’s Corner! This time we got the corn dog nuggets and french fries. Many people have complained about them changing the corn dog nuggets but I have no idea what they were like before so I’ll remain blissfully ignorant! These tasted great to me!

Sleepy Hollow

Sometimes it can be hard to find food for a picky eater. Having a child with ASD and sensory issues makes it even more difficult. But this was one thing I knew for sure she would eat! This was the Fresh Fruit Nutella Waffle Sandwich from Sleepy Hollow. Normally the fruit comes on the sandwich but my princess requested to have her fruit on the side and they were very accommodating. She scarfed this down and requested to have it again on our last Magic Kingdom day!

Aloha Isle

We all know how delicious regular Dole Whip but my goal was to try at least one of the special Dole Whip cones on this trip. I got the Hei Hei Cone from Aloha Isle. It is standard pineapple Dole Whip on a green waffle cone, topped with a layer of raspberry dole whip and decorated with sugar eyes and a sour strawberry strip. Fun to look at but even more fun to eat! The tart raspberry Dole was so delicious!

Mickey Pretzel

Why does everything just taste better when it’s Mickey shaped? When you’re at Disney you’ve gotta get a Mickey pretzel and some cheese sauce! This definitely satisfied my salty cravings.

Be Our Guest

For Mother’s Day, the one meal I knew I wanted was breakfast at Be Our Guest. I really loved it! It is pricey for a quick service meal but you have to keep in mind that you are paying for the environment and the experience, not just the food. Because it was Mother’s Day I treated myself to a mimosa. It was a little heavy-handed on the champagne but I was not mad about it!

Aylah got Fifi’s French Toast which comes with mixed fruit but she requested just the grapes which they were able to do for her. She loved the brioche french toast! You can also see the platter with a selection of pastries you can munch on. My favorite out of these was the chocolate chip croissant twist!

Rich got the Feast ala Gaston. He didn’t care for the potatoes because they were a bit on the spicy side for him (I thought they tasted fine!) and the sausage he described as your standard breakfast links. But he did enjoy the bacon and the eggs.

Somehow we forgot to take a picture of what I ordered! I got the Croque Madame and let me tell you that was the best breakfast I had during the entire trip. Croque Madame is an open faced ham sandwich topped with a fried egg, Gruyere cheese, and a bechamel sauce. This was so delicious! The bechemel was so creamy and buttery that when it soaked into the toast on the bottom.. *chef kiss*. Give me some more of that!

Chesire Cafe

This is the Wonderland Slushy from Cheshire Cafe. It’s a slushy made from Minute Maid raspberry lemonade and grape Fanta with a candy coated straw. The two flavors went really well together. The candy coated straw got a bit mushy by the time we got to the bottom of the drink but it was fine.

There was one thing we ate that we never got around to taking a picture of because we were so hungry: the breakfast sandwich. I have to recommend it to all of you in case you are looking for a grab-and-go savory breakfast item in the park.We got the breakfast sandwich from Westward Ho in Frontier Land. This is bacon, egg, and pepper jack cheese served on a multi grain croissant. That multi grain croissant was the real MVP!

And there we have it! Thank you Jams for give us your thoughts on all the eats and treats you found on your family trip to Orlando, Florida. This was a massive undertaking and y’all definitely went on a Nerdie Foodie Adventure. We can’t wait to go again and try out oldies but goodies as well as new foodie haunts!

Stay nerdalicious!

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