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Hey there Nerdie Foodies! We are still doing all things Star Trek this week. I have gone down a black hole of re-watching various clips of Star Trek: Voyager episodes. So, if you can’t head over to Seattle and MoPOP this weekend to celebrate all things Trekkie, here are a few recipes to bring the celebrations home!

Appetizers and Snacks


These are great for breakfast or for afternoon tea. Personally, I might just end up eating these all day long. Ann (from Nerds and Nomsense) shares with us this brilliant recipe that even I think Captain Picard (aka. Sir Patrick Stewart) himself would highly approve. Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Nerds and Nomsense)

Algae Puffs

A slight variation of the cream puff, the Food Replicator blog shares with us this fun recipe in case you don’t have Neelix nearby to whip up this snack for your visiting Enaran diplomat. Check out this recipe here! PS – if you really love seaweed, you may like this recipe.

(Photo Credit: Food Replicator)

Klingon Blood Orange Bread

Ahhh the Klingon: warriors through and through with some bloodlust (Day of Honor anyone?). Chris-Rachael Oseland (from Kitchen Overlord) shares with us this magnificent recipe here! Side note: not only is this recipe cool to look at, but it’s also a pull-apart bread.

(Photo Credit: Kitchen Overlord)

Jumja Sticks

For those who have a super sweet tooth, jumja sticks might be your thing. These love it or hate it type treats can be sourced back to Deep Space Nine and replicated by the folks over at the Food Replicator blog. Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Food Replicator)


Luhvian Quail

Can’t find any Luhvian quail around near by? Or you do have some but Seven of Nine is too busy to cook for you? Have no fear! You can replicate her Luhvian Quail recipe, thanks to the Food Replicator blog! Just as beautiful, this entrée can be served at your next galaxy party! Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Food Replicator)


Earl Grey Tea-rimisu

Thanks to Sarah Wright (from Kitchen Overlord), this tea-rimisu would definitely be approved by the one and only Captain Picard. Earl Grey tea meets tiramisu? Yes please! The NC girls will take 4 slices of that cake thanks! Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Kitchen Overlord)

PS – If you can’t find Bird’s Custard Powder in your neck of the woods, any type of custard powder or instant vanilla pudding will do.

Star Trek Cupcakes

Now these are custom flavoured cupcakes. Who doesn’t love the sound of that?? Ro (from Nerdy Nummies) does it again with this fun cupcake recipe with a twist! Check out these Trek-tastic cupcake tutorial down below and you might be the next employee of Starfleet!


Alcoholic Drinks

Guinan’s Negroni

Guinan is an El-Aurian. They’re well known as listeners and are of a branch of the humanoid species.

So, it’s only fitting that this drink is more for an aperitif and/or digestif drink to sip on and be slowly enjoyed. Amanda Whitt (from shares with us her El-Aurian negroni drink recipe here!

(Photo Credit:

Prime Directive

No Starfleet crew goes on an exploratory journey without a Prime Directive – to observe but not disrupt alien civilizations (most of the time). Andrew Yolk (also from shares with us this martini-based drink that should be tasted but not tampered with – the Prime Directive. Check out the drink recipe here!

(Photo Credit:

Captain’s Holiday

And finally, after you’ve arrived back home after a very long time away from home, everyone including the captain will want to go on a holiday. Isn’t that right Captain Janeway?

Tara Wright contributed this drink recipe to, entitled, Captain’s Holiday. It’s only fitting that we end this week’s journey with this frozen cocktail. Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit:

And there you have it! Recipes to help you explore the galaxy and be home in time for your next holiday! For more Trekkie recipes, check out our other Star Trek foodie post here!

‘Til next time,

Live long and prosper!

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