Nerdie Foodie: Lego Edition

Welcome back to another Nerdie Foodie because everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re a part of a team! Everything is awesome, when you’re living the dreaaaam!

Sorry, that tune is so catchy! So if you can’t already tell, this week’s episode is all about Legos!

Lego Gummies

This idea came to me when one of my coworkers, LN (this is her online alter-ego she prefers to go by) brought her latest cooking creation, Lego gummies!

Photo Credit: Jenine

Photo Credits: Jenine

LN went to our local Lego store and bought the molds for these Lego bricks and people. Throw in some gelatin packets and Jello flavourings of your choice and voila! Lego Gummies. They were delicious when I had a sample at work!

If you don’t like Jello and want a more natural flavouring for your Lego Gummies, check out Holistic Squid’s Strawberry Cream Gummies! Made out of pureed strawberries, coconut milk, maple syrup, lemon juice, honey, vanilla extract and gelatin, you can’t go wrong with that combination. Even I need to try this recipe myself (once I get my butt to the Lego store for the molds!).

Photo credits: Holistic Squid


Next, check out these Lego pudding cups!

 (Photo credit:

Photo credits: Bowmania

A simple recipe that involves your favourite custard or pudding flavour (mixed with green food colouring), topped with crumbled up Oreos! *Or any other chocolate biscuit/cookie of your choice* And the final step: take a Sharpie or marker and start drawing on the Lego faces and you’re done! Also a great treat for those Halloween parties coming up as it can also be passed off as The Hulk or even Frankenstein! *hint hint cough cough* Check out the recipe here!

Cake Pops

And speaking of parties, who does not love a good cake pop at a party? Check out this Step-by-step picture tutorial from Seven Little Monkeys!

(Photo credit: Seven Little Monkeys)

Photo credits: Seven Little Monkeys

Must try. ‘Nuff said.


Of course, you can always take your own Lego pieces and create some Lego-tastic looking food..

 (Photo credit:

Photo credits: Neatorama

 (Photo credit: Cole Edmonson)

Photo credits: Cole Edmonson

For more Lego party ideas, check out U Me and the Kids, Brisbane Kids, and Baby Savers for great ways to throw a Lego themed birthday bash of the year!

Till next time,

Stay nerdalicious!


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  2. We are huge Lego fans. Thanks for the mention (Seven Little Monkeys)!

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