Nerdie Foodie: The Last Jedi

Hello Nerdie Foodies! Who has gone to the theatres to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi already? This Nerdie Foodie has and it has put me into a Star Wars kind of mood! If you’re going to see the movie this weekend or going again, here are a few recipes to get you into the world of Star Wars. Let’s go!


Death Star Cheese Ball

Need to destroy the Death Star? No problem! Luckily for you, this is a much easier way than having to fire torpedoes down into a shaft that leads to the core reactor. Jason Schreiber (from delish) shares with us how to turn an ordinary cheese and crackers plate into the Death Star cheese ball with crackers. Check out how you too can create and destroy this Death Star with the recipe here! And if you get stuck, you can check out the quick tutorial video below!


TIE Striker Mini Smokies

These wonton-wrapped mini smokies would pair well with the Death Star cheese ball. This does require a bit of creative cutting of the wonton wrappers, but the end results would be well worth the effort. Geeks Who Eat are back at it again with a great recipe in homage to Rogue One. You can check it out here!

(Photo Credit: Geeks Who Eat)

Thermal Detonator Meatballs

These are definitely not your ordinary meatballs. For one, they are made with the leaner turkey meat. Second, it has sambal sauce in it for some kick and cranks up the heat factor. Again, Geeks Who Eat are the brains behind this fun recipe. You can find it here!

(Photo Credit: Geeks Who Eat)

I’d say, why not have all three appetizers on your Star Wars party table? They all go well together at any Star Wars party.


Millennium Falcon Meat Pies

Depending on how big or small you make these meat pies, they could be considered as an appetizer as well. However, I would like to think that these meat pies are of fairly decent size and after a couple, could be considered as a meal. Nazneen (from Coffee and Crumpets) shares with us her recipe to make chicken curry and potato meat pies. Also, as Nazneen mentions in her post, you don’t have to stick to the Millennium Falcon shape, you could cut the pastry into different shapes such as the TIE fighters. Check out this fun recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Coffee and Crumpets)

Sweet Treats

Inter Galactic Chocolate Bark

What is a Star Wars party without some sweet treats? Can’t travel through hyperspace to check out all the different planets in the Star Wars universe? This might be as close as you can get from your kitchen. Laura (from Pink Cake Plate) shares with us her recipe for this galaxy chocolate bark. Check out how you can visit all the planets and stars in this recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Pink Cake Plate)

 Star Wars Mickey Cookies

Thanks to Disney, Lucasfilm is part of the Disney family. So, it’s only right that Mickey Mouse will make an appearance to the party at some point, right? Becky’s (from Your Modern Family) friend created this fun cookie recipe and walks you through the decorating steps for each variation. Check out this magical recipe and tutorial here!

(Photo Credit: Your Modern Family)

Porg Cookies

Without spoiling anything, Jenn (from JustJENN Recipes) chooses a new character that was revealed in the official trailer – Porgs. These penguins? Birds? I have no clue on what kind of creatures these are except they’re Porgs, look super cute in cookie form! Check out the recipe and decorating tutorial here before Porgs start disappearing off the sweet treats table!

(Photo Credit: justJENN Recipes)


Lightsaber Vodka Cocktail

A Jedi master are you? Then drink this cocktail you must. The Thrillist shows us how to make this smoking lightsaber drink here! The video tutorial is below if you need some visual guidance. Please note, this drink is not for Padawans and must be consumed responsibly.


BB-8 Punch

Now this drink can definitely be served to the Padawans in your group. BB-8 is a beloved droid of all ages for all the Rebel Alliance and their fans. Kara (from The Joys of Boys) shares with us her BB-8 punch recipe here! No guarantee that this droid will not get you in trouble, but it will certainly try to get you out of trouble.

(Photo Credit: The Joys of Boys)

Chewbacca Caramel Hot Chocolate

And finally, someone who will definitely try his hardest to get you out of trouble with the help of the Millennium Falcon – Chewbacca. He’s fierce when he has to be and a big ol’ teddy bear when not in battle. Lauren (from Midget Momma) shares with us this hot chocolate creation dedicated to this famous and iconic Wookie – a caramel hot chocolate Chewie style! Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Midget Momma)

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Stay nerdalicious and Happy Holidays!

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