Nerdie Foodie: Jurassic World

Welcome back Nerdie Foodies! Who is excited for the latest edition to the dinosaur world – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? We can’t wait to see how everyone is going to survive Isla Nublar’s volcanic eruption! Which means, this week’s Nerdie Foodie is…

♪ all about the cakes, ‘bout the cakes (and cookies)!

 Let’s go see if we can find some dinosaurs!

Fossilized Cookies and Candies

Fossil Footprint Cookies

First things first, fossils usually are a good sign for a paleontologist, right? That must mean dinosaur bones are near by. Why else would they be there? Rebecca Hubbell (from Sugar and Soul Co) can get us started! Check out her cool and simple fossil cookie recipe here for the paleontologist in your circle of family and friends!

Photo Credit: Sugar and Soul Co.

Amber Fossil Lollipops

Along with footprints, pieces of fossilized amber are also good indicators of other insects that lived amongst the dinosaurs a long time ago. Rosanna Pansino (from Nerdy Nummies) shares with us her amber fossil lollipop recipe! Check out her video tutorial below!


Amber Fossil Jellies

If you’re thinking of something a little less challenging like lollipops, Valerie Mitchell (from Mama Likes To Cook) has a fun amber fossil treat that is the same idea as the lollipops except it’s in Jello form! Check out this fun recipe tutorial here!

Photo Credit: Mama Likes To Cook

Paleontology Worthy Cakes

Dinosaur Dig Triple Chocolate Sheet Cake

For those wanting an easy dig, these bones were prepared by expert paleontologists (aka. the bakers) so that you know exactly where to excavate your slice of cake! Heather Baird (from Sprinkle Bakes) shares with us her chocolate-y and yummy sheet cake recipe here!

Photo credits: Sprinkle Bakes

Two-Layer Dinosaur Fossil Cake

Now if you have some experience baking and/or want to attempt at making a two-layer dinosaur cake, check out Nerdy Nummies! Ro and her guest, MatPat, teach us how to make this fun (and slightly messy) cake. Check out the video tutorial below for the recipe and how-to for this slightly harder dinosaur dig site!


Surprise Fossil Cake

I love a great surprise/reveal cake! This one is definitely for the more adventurous and/or experienced baker, this recipe is for you! For one of the ultimate cake digs ever, Elise Strachan (from My Cupcake Addiction) shows us how to make this THREE- layer cake that has fossils inside the cake for you to find! Check out the video tutorial below!


Dinosaur Drinks

Raptor Punch (Mocktail)

After a long day digging for dinosaur bones and fossils, or even just from chasing dinosaurs on an island, one would get parched very quickly. Brittanie (from Simplistically Living) shares with us this Raptor Punch that would surely give you a boost of energy. Check out this super simple recipe here!

Photo Credit: Simplistically Living

Indominus Rex Cocktail

If you want something with a little more punch, Jamie Harrington (from Totally the Bomb) has created this tropical drink with a punch – the Indominus Rex! Check out the drink recipe here and drink responsibly. As for the etching on the glass, she doesn’t explain what she did, but I’m guessing there was a bit of arts and crafts involving drawing on the drinkware with markers or paint.

Photo Credit: Totally the Bomb

How did we do? Did you survive your dinosaur dig? Just as a disclaimer, no dinosaurs were injured in any of these recipes. We hope you enjoy the latest installment of the Jurassic Park franchise!


Stay nerdalicious!

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