Nerdie Foodie: I Am Moana

Hello Nerdie Foodies! Welcome back to another round of some Disney inspired treats! Moana has been one of the latest Disney princesses chieftan daughters to become a beloved character. Let’s head on back to the Pacific Ocean where it all started.

Dipped Apples

This is a cool take on the candy apple. Youtuber Koalipops shows us how to turn regular granny smith apples to look like you’re on the Moana boat and sailing to the next island! Check out this fun tutorial below!


Bento Box

Kakamora! Watch out, as they’re small but feisty! Mike (from OMGiri) teams up with Disney Parks and show us how to make a happy kakamora and an angry kakamora. Check out this cook video tutorial below!



The heart of Te Fiti. Nothing like honouring Te Fiti than with this beautiful swirl cookie! Rosanna Pansino (from Nerdy Nummies) shares with us her heart of Te Fiti cookie recipe! Check out the tutorial below!



Pua (Gluten/Dairy/Refined Sugar – Free)

These cupcakes are super cute! Polka dots, coconut, and all inspired by Pua! Jessica McDonald (from The Healthy Mouse) shares with us a recipe that is gluten-free, dairy-free AND refined sugar-free! This is just fabulous for those with diet restrictions yet can still have something to satisfy that sweet tooth! Check out the recipe here and if you need a visual guide, check out the video tutorial below!



Nothing says welcome to the tropics like crabs! Tammilee (from Tammilee Tips) has created these cute candy crab-topped cupcakes that make you wish it was summer and you are at the beach right about now. And they are great for a Moana themed party. Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Tammilee Tips)

Spirit of Moana

Want to channel your inner Moana? Disney Family contributer Amelia Wedemeyer shows us how we can bring out our inner ocean adventurer with this beautiful cupcake creation! Check out the recipe here and for visual aide, check out the video tutorial below!



Swirl Cake

For those who want an easy cake recipe. Laura (from A Frugal Chick) has you covered! And with the genius trick of substituting the water for a tropical juice – just genius! Check out this swirl cake tutorial recipe here!

(Photo Credit: A Frugal Chick)


And finally, for those whom are more experienced at baking and want to try their hand at 3D cakes, this life-size Tamatoa cake is for you! Ashlee (from Ashlee Marie) shares with us her recipe and how-to in creating this gorgeous cake! But fair warning, it does take a while to make and a bit of handyman skills. Check out the recipe here and for a visual aide, check out the video below!


And there you have it, a Moana party fitting for the Pacific Ocean and maybe a luau or two. As always, share with us any pictures you have of your Moana creations as we love to see your creativity.

‘Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!

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