Nerdie Foodie: Homemade Tartar Sauce

Having fish and chips but ran out of tartar sauce? Because let’s face it, there can never be too much tartar sauce when it comes to fried seafood. This is a travesty that can easily be rectified. For this Simply Foodie recipe, all you need are three ingredients. That’s right Nerdie Foodies! Just three ingredients to make some homemade tartar sauce so that you’ll never run out ever again! Let’s go!

What You’ll Need

Equipment Ingredients
Small Bowl Mayonnaise
Large Spoon Yellow Mustard
Small Spoon Sweet Relish

(Photo Credit: Nerdy Curiosities)


  1. With the large spoon, scoop out as much mayonnaise you think you’ll need and place into the small bowl.
  2. With the small spoon, spoon out one spoonful of relish and add to the mayo.

    (Photo Credit: Nerdy Curiosities)

  3. With the same small spoon, squirt out one spoonful of yellow mustard and add to the small bowl. Or if you are using the large spoon, squirt out half the amount of mustard than the mayo.
*Tip: The ratio between Mayo, Yellow Mustard, and Relish is 2:1:1*

(Photo Credit: Nerdy Curiosities)

  1. Mix all three ingredients together in the small bowl.
  2. Serve.
*Tip: Any unused portions of the sauce can be kept in the fridge and used the next day if there are leftovers, sandwiches, etc.*


End Results

The one thing that I love about this recipe is that it’s super simple to make and very adaptable in quantity. There aren’t any exact measurements due to the fact that it is about each person’s personal taste. How tangy you want your tartar sauce to taste, how much relish you want it to have, how much sauce you want to make. If you remember the ratio of 2 (mayo): 1 (yellow mustard): 1 (sweet relish), you can recreate this recipe over and over again without fail.

(Photo Credit: Nerdy Curiosities)

‘Til next time,

Stay Nerdalicious!

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