Nerdie Foodie: Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary

Tomorrow is an epic day Nerdie Foodies. It’s the 35th Anniversary of Ghostbusters! To celebrate this huge milestone in what has become a pop culture classic movie, we found some slime-tastic recipes. Let’s go check them out!

Monster Slime Popcorn

Love Jello? What about edible slime? Then this recipe by Stephanie (from MomDot) is the perfect recipe for you! This jazzed up popcorn treat recipe even includes edible eyeballs! Check out this funky recipe here!

(Photo Credit: MomDot)

Ghostbusters Slime Smoothie

Who doesn’t love a good smoothie? And best of all, not only does it taste great, it’s good for you! This one is for all you avocado lovers out there thanks to Stacey (from Stacey Homemaker). Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Stacey Homemaker)

Hi-C Ecto Cooler

Nothing like the sweet tangy-ness of Ecto Cooler to cool you off in this hot weather! You most likely won’t be able to find any of the original Hi-C Ecto Cooler anymore, but fear not! Christina Troitino (from Pâté Smith) shares with us her copycat recipe for both a non-boozy and boozy version. Check out the recipe here! For a video tutorial on the boozy drink, check out the video below!

Tip: If you separate the tangerine and orange into individual slices, it would be easier to muddle.


Green Ghost Cupcakes with Slime

Who loves homemade cupcakes?? This Nerdie Foodie does! Lise (from Mom Loves Baking) just made these homemade cupcakes a little bit extra by turning them into the slimy green ghost! Check out this fun recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Mom Loves Baking)

Ghostbusters Key Lime Pie Cake

And finally, no party is the same without a cake. This time, it’s a key lime pie cake. A pie cake?! This is just mind blowing! YouTuber Cupcake Girl shares with us her recipe in the video tutorial below! For the cake recipe itself, the ingredients and quantities are listed in the description box. Enjoy!


Happy 35th Anniversary Ghostbusters! Cheers!

Stay Nerdalicious!

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