Nerdie Foodie: Game of Thrones Finale

Welcome back to another Nerdie Foodie! Are you ready for the Game of Thrones finale Curious Crowd? Whether you like it or not, the final episode of the series is coming this Sunday. Don’t worry, I have a drink ready at hand in case you need a little something to try and calm down the nerves. Let’s go!

White Walker Cocktail

Let’s start of by bringing a bit of chill with this delicious alcoholic cocktail to help soothe the nerves a bit before the grand finale. Chári (from Chic Home & Styled Parties) shares with us her delicious drink recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Chic Home & Styled Parties)

A Lannister Luncheon

This is a special treat! Catherine Barson Eastis (from The Gluttonous Geek) has generously given us not one, but TWO recipes in one post! Her inspired dishes are just absolutely mouth-watering. Check out her recipes for Cersei’s Late Summer Salad and Tyrion’s Duck Tits & Wine-Poached Pears here! Can we say decadent?

Dragon Egg Truffles

And if you need something sweet, Rosanna Pansino (from Nerdy Nummies) shares with us her recipe for the super simple almond chocolate truffles! Seriously, it is a super easy recipe and you can even make these ahead of time. Check out the full recipe here and the video tutorial below!


Brienne of Tart

According to its creator Lindsay (from The Live-In Kitchen), this is a rustic mixed berry galette. In other words, pie. You know I cannot say no to a tasty looking pie. And how can you go wrong with a mixed berry? Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: The Live-In Kitchen)

White Walker Ice Cream

Now I know you’re all wondering how I can end the post with a homemade ice cream recipe inspired by the White Walkers? Easy. You can put a scoop of this deliciousness on top of the warm and delicious pie to give a bit of sweet to the tangy! Plus, how can you make ice cream without a bite of coldness, plus, summer is coming. Thanks to Rebecca Swanner (from Let’s Eat Cake), you can check out her recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Let’s Eat Cake)

See y’all on the other side. And don’t forget, after winter comes spring and summer. You will survive. Just saying.

‘Til next time,

Stay Nerdalicious!

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  1. Thank you! Love those game of thrones truffles too!

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