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Helloo Nerdie Foodies! I am back from a fun nerdventure to Seattle and Funko’s new HQ and retail storefront in Everett. Stitch, Rach and I not only had a blast at the grand opening weekend in Everett, and we also went to some pretty cool restaurants along the way. Yes, we brought Stitch with us for a quick weekend getaway!

(Stitch Riding the Dashboard / Photo Credit: Jen)


Tap House Grill

There are a few places in Seattle that are a must every time I visit. Tap House Grill has become one of them. Thanks to Rach for introducing me to this place a few years back! The food is delicious and has not disappointed me yet. This time around I had the Porter Cheddar Burger (I had added bacon to the burger) with fries that came with a balsamic ketchup.

(Porter Cheddar Burger / Photo Credit: Jen)

Rach had the Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich with jack cheese instead of provolone. Our waiter also asked us if we wanted their homemade tartar sauce as well, we couldn’t say no, and my golly that tartar sauce was divine! The dill definitely made the sauce!

(Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich / Photo Credit: Rach)

And for those whom are beer connoisseurs, they have 160 beers on tap behind the bar, all along the wall. Check them out here!

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory is another spot which is a must visit whenever I am in Seattle, as it is the closest Cheesecake Factory from Vancouver. The wait for our table wasn’t long. Only 20 mins. I decided to try something different. Normally, when I’m at Cheesecake Factory, I try to get a pasta dish of some sort. This time around, I decided to try one of their Asian fusion dishes. It was actually not bad considering this is not an Asian restaurant. I ended up ordering the Crispy Pineapple Chicken and Shrimp. It was cooked in a sweet chili sauce which was tasty, and had mushrooms, snow peas, green onions, garlic and cilantro. It is one of their specialty dishes and I can see why. All the ingredients work well together. The pineapple turns it more into a Southeast Asian flare. I would order this dish again.

(Crispy Pineapple Chicken and Shrimp / Photo Credit: Jen)

Rach ordered the Skinnylicious Lemon-Garlic Shrimp covered in freshly grated Parm cheese. An angel hair pasta dish coated in this delicious lemon-garlic sauce. I like the Skinnylicious menu that The Cheesecake Factory has put together. The portion sizes are much smaller than the ones that are on their regular menu. This is a good thing, as I’ve always found American food portion sizes to be too much for me to finish on my own. The Skinnylicious menu scales the portion sizes down so that it is enough food for one person and you are left satiated.

(Lemon-Garlic Shrimp / Photo Credit: Jen)

We ended up both feeling too full for a cheesecake dessert. I know, this is blasphemy, but we just couldn’t squeeze in a slice after our entrées. Next time, the cheesecake will be had! Check out all the fantastic cheesecake options here!

Top Pot Doughnuts

While we didn’t make it to the Crumpet Shop in Pike Market this time around, Rach and I decided to try something new that was recommended by a friend. The Top Pot Doughnut café is a beautiful space. I loved the fact that there is one giant wall from floor to ceiling that was a bookshelf filled with rows upon rows of books. There is even space upstairs with more table and chairs for one to relax in.

I ended up buying an 8 oz. Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and a Pink Sprinkles doughnut. A white cake doughnut that is glazed with pink icing and rainbow sprinkles. Crispy on the outside and cakey on the inside. It reminded me of the pink doughnut from The Simpsons and that is why I chose it. If you like sweet things, this doughnut is for you.

(Pink Sprinkles doughnut with Hot Chocolate / Photo Credit: Jen)

Rach chose the Raspberry Glazed Chocolate Cake doughnut. Again, a doughnut that is crispy on the outside and chocolate-y cake goodness on the inside. If you’re not into super sweet treats, this doughnut is for you as the chocolate and raspberry glaze balances out the sweetness of the doughnut itself.

(Raspberry Glazed Chocolate Doughnut / Photo Credit: Rach)

You can check out some more options of this fun doughnut and coffee shop here!


Karl’s Bakery & Café

During our Funko HQ Attempt #1, we decided to get some breakfast at the bakery next door, Karl’s Bakery & Café.

(Store Front / Photo Credit: Jen)

This bakery had an old diner feel to it and it was great to see them take in the nerdery in full stride. They even had Funko cookies for sale! We each ended up ordering a meat & cheese croissant breakfast sandwich and shared the cinnamon roll. The food was pretty good and they asked us if we wanted our items warmed up, which we did take up their offer. Check them out here!

(Croissant Sandwiches & Cinnamon Roll / Photo Credit: Jen)

There’s just something about a warm croissant that is stuffed with meat and cheese that satisfies one’s hunger. The cinnamon roll was delicious and you can’t go wrong when the icing is slightly gooey!

Just before we headed out to the ribbon cutting ceremony, I bought one of the Funko sugar cookies. How can you say no to a Freddy Funko that is as cute as these?? It was pricey at $3 USD per cookie, but it did taste delicious!

Funko Cookie Display Case (Photo Credit: Jen)

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El Paraiso Mexican Grill

We had to have some righteous Mexican food whenever we are in the US. Turns out El Paraiso Mexican Grill not only played salsa, bachata, and merengue music out on their patio and inside the restaurant itself, but it was also only half a block up from where we were for the day.

(Menu / Photo Credit: Jen)

I had the strawberry lemonade (there were real strawberries in my drink!) and Rach had the mango margarita. They also gave us complimentary tortilla chips (which were fresh and hot) with a spicy salsa and warm bean dip while we looked over the menu.


Fresh chips and dips (Photo Credit: Jen)

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I had two tacos de pescado. The sauce from my tacos were dripping down my hands!  

(Tacos de pescado / Photo Credit: Jen)

Rach ordered the chimichanga lunch combo. Boy were those yummy and filling!

(Chimichanga / Photo Credit: Rach)


Pel’meni Restaurant

This one was all Rach. I had no idea this place existed in Bellingham.

(Interior / Photo Credit: Jen)

When I asked Rach what in the world a Pel’meni was, her best description was that it is very close to a Chinese dumpling. And she was right. They have two kinds, potato filling or meat filling. Both Rach and I got the meat filling. Each order is topped with curry powder, hot sauce, cilantro and sour cream and is accompanied with half a slice of rye bread. We each got 2 containers of sour cream. I ate through 3 of them.

(Meat Pel’meni / Photo Credit: Jen)

Definitely a new favourite eatery spot for me. I devoured that order like crazy. Thanks for recommending this place Rach! You can check them out here!

If you ever find yourself in Washington State, check out these places long your travels. And if you have other places to recommend, let us know in the comments below! For more on our Nerdventures to Funko HQ, you can check it out here!

‘Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!

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