Nerdie Foodie: Spirit of the Holidays Edition

Welcome to the first week of December Nerdie Foodies! To get into the spirit of the holidays we are heading to Gingerbread Lane to check out some spectacularly nerdy gingerbread houses –erm….buildings? Maybe structure is a better word…. In any case, it will get pretty much anyone into the spirit of the holidays! Let’s go!

Doctor Who: TARDIS

Let’s start off with something fairly simple – a TARDIS out of gingerbread. Rosanna Pansino (from Nerdy Nummies) shows us how below!


Harry Potter

You definitely can’t go wrong with a Harry Potter themed gingerbread house (or creation), and I have found a couple for you to get inspired and maybe try your hand at it for the holidays!

First up, Hani (from Haniela’s) shows us how to make a fairly simple (well simple in comparison to the other gingerbread houses you are about to see) Harry Potter inspired gingerbread house. Check out how to make your very own Harry Potter house below (and the written copy here)!


For those who are super ambitious architecturally, a shout out and props to fellow Canadian Michelle Jamieson (from A Can of Crafty Curiosities) for this masterpiece: The Burrow! Check out this amazing work of art that is the Weasley’s home here. And if you want to try your hand at this, Michelle gives you a step-by-step tutorial right here!

(Photo Credit: A Can of Crafty Curiosities)

(Photo Credit: A Can of Crafty Curiosities)

Game of Thrones

For all you GoT fans out there, Michelle Wibowo (from Michelle Sugar Art) was commissioned to create King’s Landing out of gingerbread for HBO’s event in London called “Taste of HBO” last month. Check out some of the behind the scenes photos of this creation here (just click on the main photo to check out the rest in that gallery)!

(Photo Credit: Michelle Sugar Art)

(Photo Credit: Michelle Sugar Art)

Star Wars

In a galaxy far away…okay I might be exaggerating, on planet Earth, YouTuber FresoSweden shows us how to make the Millennium Falcon out of good ole gingerbread! What? It’s still a house of sorts….okay a spaceship. But it’s still the home away from home for Han Solo and Chewbacca. Check out the time-lapse video below and be inspired!


And how can one go wrong when choosing Ewoks? Fellow Canadian, The Infinite Yums, created an Ewok village in the Forest of Endor with an almost fully operational Death Star in the background. Check out the behind the scenes blog post by the Infinite Yums here! And if you’re ever in Edmonton, Alberta, you can check out their new storefront called Whimsical Cake Studio (Facebook page here).

(Photo Credit: The Infinite Yums)

(Photo Credit: The Infinite Yums)


Now for those who want a less messy version with minimal equipment clean up at the end of the construction, you can build your very own LEGO-styled gingerbread house/village/town from their holiday collection! Classic Plastic Bricks showcased Flickr member Parks and Wrecked Creations’ LEGO gingerbread house below! It looks so yummy I could eat it…although…I probably shouldn’t… is plastic after all.

(Photo Credit: Parks and Wrecked Creations)

(Photo Credit: Parks and Wrecked Creations)


Now back to edible gingerbread houses, Elizabeth Marek (from Artisan Cake Company) shows us some behind the scenes photos of how she made her steampunk gingerbread house here! It seriously looks fantastic!

(Photo Credit: Artisan Cake Company)

(Photo Credit: Artisan Cake Company)

Walt Disney World

And finally, to top this all off, Walt Disney World’s pastry chef, Erich Herbitschek and his team creates another fantastic gingerbread house of the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, decked out with all your favourite Disney characters! Thanks to Inside the Magic, you don’t have to fly all the way to Orlando, Florida to check out this amazing creation. For your own glimpse, check out the video below!


I hope this inspires your own creative gingerbread house/home/mansion display this holiday season!

Stay nerdalicious!

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