Nerdie Foodie: Sailor Moon Edition

Hello Foodies! It’s the end of another week! Lately I have been obsessed with Sailor Moon. I mean obsessed. While I may not have seen the series in its entirety, it is one of my favourite shows from the 90s where Tuxedo Mask/Prince Darien/Mamoru (take your pick) was (still is) one of the hunkiest animated characters I had ever seen on my television screen and that girl power was awesome. So it would only be appropriate that I dedicate one whole post to everything Sailor Moon – in food form of course. Let’s go!

Bento Boxes

If you have the time to make these, kudos to you! I know to make all the details for the bento boxes takes time, but hey, the patience and time to make these are well worth it! Who else can say they are allowed to play with their food? The girl behind Mini Cute Club shows us how to make a Luna and Artemis bento box below!

Ochikeron (Ochi) shares with us her bento box recipe for Sailor Moon! Check out her Facebook page here and the Sailor Moon bento box how-to below!

Even though the woman behind Real Anime Food blog has closed the blog due to a personal matter, her recipes are still available on her Tumblr page. There I found a recipe that recreates Lita’s /Makoto’s bento box from Sailor Moon R episode 55. Check out the recipe and how-to here! Sailor Jupiter knows how to cook and bake!

(Photo Credits: Naoko Takeuchi/Real Anime Food)

(Photo Credits: Naoko Takeuchi/Real Anime Food)


Now how can we sum up Sailor Moon? She loves food, period. A foodie just like this girl here, she loves her sweets! Rosanna Pansino (Nerdy Nummies) shows us how to make Sailor Moon Brooch Piñata cookies. Check out the video below!

Cristina Viseu (Facebook page here) shows us how to make this super interesting sugar cookie recipe into Sailor Moon’s crisis moon compact. Check out the recipe below!


Who can forget the numerous times doughnuts have appeared on the Sailor Moon series? Too many to count! Diana (from Fiction-Food Café and Fiction Kitchen podcast) shows us how to make Sailor Moon inspired doughnuts! Check out the recipe and how-to here!

(Photo Credit: Fiction-Food Café)

(Photo Credit: Fiction-Food Café)


Katharina, a professional baker (from Pretty Cake Machine), shares ten (yes, you read that right, TEN) Sailor Scout cake recipes and step-by-step pictures on how to recreate these beautiful creations at home! Check out the first cake here!

(Photo Credit: Pretty Cake Machine)

(Photo Credit: Pretty Cake Machine)


Can’t have a Sailor Scout food with something to wash it all down with! Check out this cool looking mocktail recipe, crescent moon and all from VIZ Media here!

(Photo Credit: VIZ Media)

(Photo Credit: VIZ Media)

And of course for all of us older Moonies who are loving the nostalgia (**Warning: Adults only**), Mae G. (Sillabub429) shares these pretty shot recipes with us here!

(Photo Credit: Sillabub429)

(Photo Credit: Sillabub429)

And there you have it! Food and drinks worthy of the Imperium Silver Crystal. Maybe just don’t get as drunk as Serena if you plan on trying the shots…

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Till next time,

Stay nerdalicious!


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