Nerdie Foodie: Pokemon 20th Anniversary Edition

Hello Foodies! As you know it’s another birthday week here at NC headquarters.

To finish off Pokémon’s 20th Anniversary week, we are gonna catch ‘em all foodie style! All 151 of them! Yes, I am that old. I only go by the original Pokédex.

If you wanted the updated PokéRap, it’s over 9 minutes long with 718 Pokémons. I’ll spare you the 9 minutes. Let’s go!


Ro (from Nerdy Nummies) and Shane Dawson show us how to make a Pokéball parfait that would be great as breakfast and as a snack. Check out the video below!

Cake Pop

Elise (from My Cupcake Addiction) shows us how to decorate your cake balls into Pikachu cake pops! They are just plain adorable. Check out the video below!

Roll Cake

Ro (@RosannaPansino) show us how to make a Pikachu chocolate roll cake! Pikachu would approve. Check out the video below!

Poffins (aka. Puffs)

Jimmy and Ashley (from Feast of Fiction) shows us how to make Poffins filled with jams and jellies! Carbalicious! Although, I cannot guarantee if you’ll be able to gain those Poffin traits once consumed. Check out the video below!


For a simple Pokéball made out of chocolate, Cupquake (from iHasCupquake) shows us how. Check out this creative process in the video below! Seriously, there are balloons and clothes hangers involved.

For a more elaborate Pokéball, Elise (@cupcakeaddictau) shows us how to make chocolate Pokéballs filled with candy on the inside. Then you get to smash these open to reveal your very own Pokémon! Check out the video below!


That’s right! Cupquake (@iHasCupquake) shows us how to make these super cute Pikachu macarons! And if you’ve been following this segment since the beginning, you’ll know that this is something that I would totally try to make myself. Check out the video below!


Check out this cool milkshake by Ro (Instagram)! Have it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And even better, kids to big kids can enjoy this drink! Check out the video below!

**Warning: Legal drinking aged nerds only for this next section**

Tumblr user Meowpurrnom created a frozen cocktail menu inspired by the evolutions of Eevee: Eeveelution! Hehe, get it? Check out the ingredients here! The only thing is that the quantities are not posted, so have some fun in figuring out these drinks!

(Photo Credit: Meowpurrnom)

(Photo Credit: Meowpurrnom)

And if you want to try the Tipsy Bartender’s (Facebook) version of Vaporeon with the ladies of HapaHour, check out the video below! **Warning: Tipsy Bartender videos are NOT for kids**


And finally, it cannot be a proper birthday party without cake. Check out this cool and simple Pokéball cake by CakesByChoppA (Facebook). Check out the video below!

Happy 20th Anniversary Pokémon!

Till next time,

Stay nerdalicious!


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