Nerdie Foodie: Nostalgia Edition

Well peeps, it looks like it is the end of another week. As you know, this week is all about what makes us nostalgic. There are so many shows, movies, and games that are classic and iconic. So let’s check out a few of my favourites (in food form no less!) and see where we end up in this rabbit hole!

(hehehe, I couldn’t resist!)

The Legend of Zelda (1986)

Ahhh Zelda, one of my fave theme songs from this series is The Ocarina of Time (If you haven’t, check out the Ocarina of Time theme song here courtesy of the amazing Kurt Hugo Schneider). But I digress. If you don’t know what it is, it is a video game from Nintendo that was originally released in 1986. In the game there is a special relic called the Triforce. If you want to know what the Triforce looks like, this adorable 9-year old (Hallecake) will show you how to make your own Triforce relic out of a grilled cheese sandwich!


Scooby Doo, Where Are You! (1969)

Scooby Scooby Doo! Where are you? We got some work to dooo noooowww! (Sorry all! That theme song brings back so many memories for me). So…Who does not love a good mystery to solve? Certainly not this fun group! Besides, how can you not love this fun-loving dog who just loves to chow down on food? Particularly Scooby snacks. And boy have I found my kind of Scooby snack in the form of cookies!! Check out these amazing Scooby sugar cookies by Sooieets (and more!) on their Facebook page here!

 (Photo Credit: Sooieets)

(Photo Credit: Sooieets)

Super Mario Bros. (1987)

Another video game classic! Not going to lie, I was definitely a master at button mashing when it came to playing any Mario video game (minus Mario Kart…maybe….not) – still am. All I can say is that Nintendo had some pretty kickass games back in the 80s and 90s! Now there are a lot of Super Mario themed foods out there in the interwebs, so I’ve had to narrow it down to just one. What is it? No, it’s not a cake pop; nor a cupcake; not even a cake, cookie, or crumb. They are fire flower appetizers (Super Mario World edition from 1990) by Nerdy Nummies and VSauce!


Pac Man (1980)

One of the coolest arcade games ever!  …Well, at least I think so. Pac Man eats the dots and then being chased by the ghosts, all while trying to eat the cherries as well! Just thinking of the game makes me feel the excitement when you play the game! Can you tell by all these exclamation marks? Anyways, I stumbled upon this super cute and super fun Pac Man cupcake wedding cake by Hello Naomi from Newcastle, Australia. Seriously y’all, all of her baked goodies look so gorgeous and delicious, even I want to go to Newcastle, Australia to see what they all look and taste like in person!

 (Photo Credit: Hello Naomi)

(Photo Credit: Hello Naomi)

I mean, come on! How cute is this?! Think they’ll hire a taste tester from Canada? Quality control never hurts….. I’m just saying.

The Jetsons (1962)

One of my all-time favourite shows (and movie) which I will occasionally binge watch on Youtube. Seriously, this show makes me smile, laugh, cry (while laughing), and bang my head at some of the ways that George seems to get into trouble in each episode! Check out these amazing cookies by Truffle Pop Shoppe! They are just amazingly detailed cookies (although slightly blurry photo).

 (Photo Credit: Truffle Pop Shoppe)

(Photo Credit: Truffle Pop Shoppe)

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (1991)

And finally (an added bonus for all you adults out there in the interwebs reading this blog) a drink inspired by the infamous Carmen Sandiego! For those of you who need a drink (either the adult kind or a kid-friendly version), check out this recipe and others from The Backyard Bartender, hailing from Houston, Texas, here!

 (Photo Credit: The Backyard Bartender)

(Photo Credit: The Backyard Bartender)

Cheers! Here’s to hoping I make it back out of this rabbit hole in time for next week…

Till next time,

Stay nerdalicious!



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