Nerdie Foodie: Inside Out Edition

Welcome back to the first week of school! (Disclaimer: writer is Canadian). This week on Foodie Friday we are going to dive into the world of emotions! This summer, Disney Pixar released an amazing movie called Inside Out. I rarely get emotional while watching a movie, but Disney Pixar did such a great job with Inside Out that I not only did I cry during the movie, I also started crying during the short animation about a volcano looking for love. Seriously, how can you not love this cute short?? Check out this small clip from “Lava”!

Sorry (but not sorry), we deviated a bit there. Now, because Inside Out is such a popular movie (my favourite character is Disgust), there is no shortage of creative inspirations for food that is inspired by the movie. Here are just a few of my favourite ideas (in no particular order of course!):

Inside Out Jello

Megan Camarena (@Strawburry17) shows us a cool way to make a super quick (minus waiting time) and super easy Inside Out inspired dessert out of Jello, whipped cream, food colouring, and edible glitter. Plus paint, paint brushes for decorating the mini mason jars. Check out the how-to video below!

Sadness Sugar Cookie

Hani Bacova (@Hanielas) shows us how to turn a star-shaped sugar cookie into Sadness! She is super talented with that royal icing! For this how-to, you’ll need a good amount of royal icing and divvied up into black and a couple shades of blue, and of course, don’t forget that sugar cookie! Check out her YouTube tutorial below!

Inside Out Progressive Dinner

(Photo Credit: Cute as a Fox)

(Photo Credit: Cute as a Fox)

If you want to throw an Inside Out inspired meal, check out these ladies and their collaboration to give you just that! From appetizers to dessert, they have you covered! Check out their recipe creations below:

“Sad” Bakes Blueberry Brie by Made with Happy (@madewithHAPPY) here

“Disgusting “Broccoli Cheese Soup by See Vanessa Craft (@seevanessacraft) here

“Scaredy” Tater Purple Potato Salad by Cute as a Fox @CuteasaFoxBlog) here

“Angry” Fire-Roasted Stuffed Peppers by Mom Endeavors (@momendeavors) here

“Joyous” Chocolate PB Cookie Cups by Picky Palate (@pickypalate) here

Inside Out Disney Park-Inspired Recipes

(Photo Credit: Better in Bulk)

(Photo Credit: Better in Bulk)

That’s right folks! All of the following dishes are inspired by the movie AND by Disney Parks! Better in Bulk’s Lolli Franklin (@1momof5) shares with us five awesome recipes: Joy’s More-is-More S’mores, Sadness’ No-Cry Comfort Food, Fear’s Panko-Protected Long Beans, Disgust’s Is-That-Broccoli? Pizza, and Anger’s Hot-Headed Tuna. Check out all five recipes here!

Disney’s Inside Out Kid-Friendly Drinks!

(Photo Credit: Kendall Rayburn)

(Photo Credit: Kendall Rayburn)

Kendall Rayburn (@kendallrayburn) shares with us her three kid-friendly drink recipes! She’s made sure there’s something for everyone: Anger (mixed berry drink), Sadness (lemon grape drink), and Joy (orange pineapple drink). Check out the recipe for all three drinks here!

Inside Out Cake

And finally, to round this out, How to Cook That’s Ann Reardon (@howtocookthat) shows us how to make a really cool cake featuring Headquarters (including the console)! You have to end the meal with dessert. How can you not? Check it out here!

Hope you all have a fabulously joy-filled weekend!

Till next time,

Happy Friday!


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