Nerdie Foodie: Hiddles Birthday Week Edition

Hello Foodies! By now you probably all know that this week is a special one here at NC HQ. We are celebrating Loki’s Tom Hiddleston’s birthday (early yes, but he deserves it)! If you aren’t aware, we have an… ahem… appreciation for the Hiddles. So in honour of Hiddles Day (February 9th), I asked myself, what would Tom Hiddleston (@twhiddleston) eat on his birthday?

Thanks to everyone’s best tech friend, Google, I searched just that: WWTHE (What Would Tom Hiddleston Eat?) Well, we’re about to find out!

Potato Chips/Crisps

It turns out if you hand him food on set, he’ll graciously accept and eat the chips (or you can call them crisps) in front of you (as seen in the video below).

So being the Nerdie Foodie that I am, why not try a hand at finding nerdy potato chips? Turns out that chance was slim to none. So instead I give you regular homemade potato chips! Nicko (from Nicko’s Kitchen) shows us how to make sweet potato potato chips! Of course, if you don’t want to be super fancy, you can always make them with regular potatoes. Check out the video below!

Now if you want to be a little bit fancy, you can dress up those plain homemade chips to the next level! Daniel Gritzer (from Serious Eats) shows us how to turn our plain Jane chips to chipotle honey-butter flavoured chips! Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Serious Eats)

(Photo Credit: Serious Eats)

But I think Tom, can I call him Tom? Hiddles? Maybe I’ll stick with Hiddles… Anyhoo, I think Hiddles would go for chips that have an accompanying dip! Because let’s face it, chips with dip (especially dip with bacon in it) is a guilty pleasure. Maggie (from The Love Nerds) shows us how to make loaded baked potato chip dip here!

(Photo Credit: The Love Nerds)

(Photo Credit: The Love Nerds)


Speaking of guilty pleasures, Hiddles has an affinity for chocolate. Especially if you just have them lying around during an interview as seen in the video below… clearly, they don’t feed him enough during these press junket rounds…

And let’s face it, nothing says I love chocolate than in “pudding” form right? I think Hiddles would agree with me on this one. Ann (from Nerds and Nomsense) shows us how to make chocolate (pudding) ice cream! It’s chocolate pudding in ice cream form! Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Nerds and Nomsense)

(Photo Credit: Nerds and Nomsense)

Then there is also mint chocolate pudding fudge! I mean, come on! Chocolate meets pudding meets fudge! Arena Blake (from The Nerd’s Wife) shows us how to make some in the video below!

And of course, you can’t have chocolate pudding without making Loki’s Chocolate Chaos Pudding. From gaming site Pantheon Gaming, user PAN Loki shares his recipe for Loki’s Chocolate Chaos Pudding! **Warning: There are some swear words in the post**

Check out the recipe here! (first post on the page)

(Photo Credit: liaartemisa)

(Photo Credit: liaartemisa)


And what is a birthday celebration without a birthday cake of some sort? This is one of the ultimate guilty pleasures of Hiddles. Cake. He loves cake. Don’t believe me? The proof is in the video pudding below folks!

If you’re going for something simple, check out Madnad’s (from Mutherfudger) recipe and how-to for a Loki birthday cake here!

(Photo Credit: Motherfudger)

(Photo Credit: Mutherfudger)

And if you’re going for something a little more complex and has a few more Avengers represented on the cake, check out Ann Reardon’s (from How to Cook That) how-to below!

And then to Loki-fy the cake, check out this polymer clay (not edible) tutorial from Keyowo Charms below! Only, make it out of fondant (edible)!

Drink (Alcoholic) **NO MINORS**

And finally, to make the birthday toast, Demeter Gray (from Shades of Ashes) shares with us her recipe for a Birthday Cake Loki drink! Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Shades of Ashes)

(Photo Credit: Shades of Ashes)

And remember, delayed gratification in the foodie world means to have self control.

But your birthday only comes once a year, indulge, eat cake, and enjoy the one life that you have!

Happiest of Birthdays Tom Hiddleston!

Till next time,

Stay nerdalicious!


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  1. Many thanks for the mention, but it’s Mutherfudger, not motherfudger 😉

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