Nerdie Foodie: Fan Expo Canada and The Six (Toronto)

Hello there Nerdie Foodies! I know it’s been a while since we’ve had a fresh new posting. As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been busy with the con circuit and just got back from Fan Expo Canada in Toronto aka. The Six! This was our first time going to FXC and thankfully, I had family and friends in the area to take me around town for all the good places to eat! Let’s go check them out!

PAI: Northern Thai Kitchen

Thai food. This was the place to be for good Thai food in the Entertainment District. This underground restaurant has the feel of coziness, yet it’s as hopping as if you were out in the public areas of Thailand eating food from the hawker stands. This was delicious Thai food. And it helped that their kitchens were still open when we got there for a late dinner. And the Thai Iced Tea? So tasty! Check out their menu here!


I was craving for some pasta, so we went headed to the Terroni on Adelaide St. The pasta here is handmade fresh every day and you can tell from the first bite that it was fresh! So delicious! If you don’t mind spending a little more on dinner, definitely check this place out! And their bellini was delicious! You can see their menu here!

Olly Fresco’s

This place was super close the convention center and had a ton of choices for your lunch needs. Everything from a hot buffet to Mediterranean food, salad bowls, and the usual premade sandwiches and wraps. It was definitely a healthier and tastier option to the usual fare that you’d typically find around convention centers. And best of all, it was all reasonably priced! Check them out here!

Pi Co.

I was on my way to check out another place for dinner when I stumbled across this pizza joint. It was getting late and I was starving, so I decided to ditch the original plan and check this place out. And boy am I glad I did! This place is great! The have the usual pizza options, or you can make your own and it’s just as fast. The best part, your pizza is made in front of you and cooked to order! Fresh, fast and most importantly, delicious. Check them out here!

Boston Pizza

Another late night, meant, I didn’t want to wait a long time for my dinner. So, takeout from Boston Pizza was my choice for one night. What’s really great was that there was a Boston Pizza located right across the street from the Convention Center on my way home. I popped by their takeout area and ordered to go. Boston Pizza was one of the sponsors for Fan Expo Canada and they even had a 15% discount for all food orders for Fan Expo attendees. It took a little longer waiting for me to take my meal home, but it did beat waiting 30-45 minutes for a table for one and then ordering dinner. Thanks Boston Pizza! Check them out here.

Chicken and Mushroom Fettuccine (Photo Credit: Jen)


I finally took the plunge and we went for sushi. As you know we’re spoiled here in Vancouver for good cheap sushi. This place on the other hand, was melt-in-your-mouth good sushi. But then again, this is more high-end sushi and so you get the quality that comes with the price. It was well worth the money though. So if you have the chance, go for it. You won’t be disappointed! Check them out here!

Momofuku Milk

I really wanted to try something from Momofuku before I left. I wanted to see if it lived up to all the hype. After our dinner at JaBistro, we decided to head over to Momfuku Milk and see if they had any cracked pie. Unfortunately, there were only the cookie mixes and the individual cookies left in the Milk walk-in freezer. Instead, we had ordered some soft-serve ice cream to-go. For such a small thing of ice cream, it was pretty expensive. I definitely think the price you pay is mainly for the name. The ice cream was tasty good (I decided on the Crack Pie soft serve), but it didn’t really knock my socks off like the sushi did. But in any case, I still think you should go ahead and try it at least once, if not for dessert, then at least for one meal. The one thing that the ice cream had right was the fact that it kept dripping out of the cup and into my hand while I was trying to eat it! You can’t take me anywhere when it comes to ice cream. Check them out here!

Gusto 101

For my final meal in Toronto, we had brunch at Gusto 101 in the Fashion District. It was so yummy! Who knew that a sprinkle of pistachios would work as a topping for hollandaise sauce on a super fancy eggs benny? Gusto did. They definitely know how to do brunch right. And we ordered the Mafalde ai Funghi (aka. mushroom pasta) that was not on the brunch menu, but they were able to accommodate our request. No joke, best mushroom pasta ever. That sauce was everything. Check them out here!

For most of the restaurants in Toronto, it’s best to make reservations beforehand, especially for dinner. It was not too bad with 1-2 people, but definitely anything larger than a group of 2, reservations are a must. These were all within walking distance of the Entertainment District and the Metro Toronto Convention Center. If you are in the Toronto area, definitely check out these places as they do not disappoint in the quality of food that you will receive. I would definitely go to these places again in a heartbeat! Stay tuned for more Fan Expo shenanigans!

‘Til next time,

Stay Nerdalicious!

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