Nerdie Foodie: Fun Fall Beverages

Hello Nerdie Foodies! The air is crisper and it is time to start pulling out the sweaters because Fall has arrived. To help with the transition from the great summer weather we’ve had to cooler days and nights, check out these cool nerdy drinks! Warning, most of these drinks are mainly boozy for the legal big kids. But there are a few for the nerdlings. Let’s go!

Red’s Apple Freeze

If you have ever been to Disney’s California Adventures theme park, you may be familiar with this refreshing drink! It’s apple juice slushie with a tropical kick! Six Sisters’ Stuff share with us how to recreate this delicious non-alcoholic drink at home. Check out their recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Six Sister’ Stuff)

The Emma Swan

If Red’s Apple Freeze is not quite to your liking and you want more of an adult drink, Krystal (from Brought To You By Mom) has a cocktail in honour of “The Saviour”. A confliction where lightness meets darkness. And it looks cool with the smokiness of what I think is dried ice. Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Brought To You By Mom)

Clara’s Peach Lemonade

This one is for all the Doctor Who fans out there. The companion of the 11th doctor has her own alcoholic lemonade drink! Thanks to Nicole (from Doctor Who Cocktails), Clara Oswin Oswald’s peach lemonade is partly sweet and partly sassy. Check out the cocktail recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Doctor Who Cocktails)

Louisiana Lemonade

Straight from Disneyland’s Blue Bayou restaurant. The Six Sisters’ Stuff is at it again in recreating another nerdling friendly lemonade drink! The Louisiana Lemonade is a drink that I have not personally tried yet, but the recipe looks delicious! Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Six Sisters’ Stuff)

Wastelander Cocktail

This one is for all the RPG gamers out there. From Fallout 4, Joshua McCleary (from Belly Rumbles) creates two versions of a Wastelander cocktail. The dirty Wastelander cocktail has cola and whiskey, while the clean Wastelander cocktail is more of a vodka lemonade. Choose your poison here! *Pun intended*

(Dirty Wastelander Cocktail / Photo Credit: Belly Rumbles)

(Clean Wastelander Cocktail / Photo Credit: Belly Rumbles)

Pokéball Fruit Punch

Chantal (the Nerdy Mamma) has created a fun drink for all the Pokémon trainers in your circle of family and friends! With all the walking that happens in catching Pokémon, trainers should always stay hydrated. Thus, a fruit punch should do the trick! Check out her recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Nerdy Mamma)

Cheshire Cat Cocktail

Who is ready to go through the Looking Glass once again? This colourful drink creation by Debi (Our Wabisabi Life) definitely has contrasting flavours of blue curacao, cherry vodka, strawberry vodka, and grenadine! It certainly looks like a mischievous drink. Check out the recipe here.

(Photo Credit: Our Wabisabi Life)

Ichabod Crane

A little confession, I never saw Sleepy Hollow aside from its trailers. But for those of you who were fans of the show, this is for you. This creamy concoction is from Mix That Drink, containing pumpkin liqueur, ice cream, cinnamon and a couple more ingredients! But those aside, the flavours of this drink just embodies Fall since almost all coffee shops now are in full swing of all things PS (pumpkin spice). Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Mix That Drink)

Buttered Fire Whiskey

With many iterations of Butterbeer drink recipes out there, Michelle Heath (Elle Talk) creates a drink that is a mix of two drinks from the Leaky Cauldron: butterbeer and firewhiskey. Sweet and spicy that will definitely warm your body after a cold crisp day. And yes, the drink can be lit on fire, so be careful. Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Elle Talk)

Hot and Creamy Butterbeer

And finally, nothing sets a good evening like a hot drink (hot chocolate for the muggle nerdlings) but for witch and wizard nerdlings I’d imagine it would be a mug of hot butterbeer. Teri (from Spoon Fork Bacon) shares with us her recipe. And by the looks of the ingredients, this drink will be a great option from Fall and straight through to Winter! Check it out here!

(Photo Credit: Spoon Fork Bacon)

And there you have it. Ten great drinks that can be enjoyed by both adult nerds and nerdlings alike! I hope it gives you ideas on how to transition to more colder weather.

Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!

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