Nerdie Foodie: Emerald City Comic Con

Nerdie Foodies! We are back from Emerald City Comic Con! Four days of non-stop nerdy goodness and fantastic food. This is how we ate our way through the Emerald City.

Market (Hyatt Regency)

For the first day of con, we didn’t have time to go out and grab lunch. To make things easy we just went down to the Market dining area and bought a meat flatbread to go, to munch on in between panels. It was reasonably priced and actually pretty tasty!

Cheesecake Factory

Ah! Good ol’ Cheesecake Factory. Located right across the street from the convention center, this place makes it a great spot for con goers after a full day of panels and showfloor. We love this place so much we went twice! Check out the gallery below to see what we ordered! Warning: there may have been some damage to the cheesecake upon transportation. Check out their website here for menu options!

Trader Joe’s

We. Love. Trader. Joe’s. We were spoiled to be within walking distance to Trader Joe’s and went to the store every night for con food supplies…and *ahem* there might have been some adult bevvies. We stocked up on breakfast, sandwiches (I forgot to take a picture of it because I was so hungry ☹), wraps, cheese, and snacks. This is a great way to save money on con food. Check out their flyer here to see what’s happening in the stores!

Romio’s (Downtown)

De-li-cious! No really. It was damn good pizza! We did one of our group dinners here during the convention and is a fantastic place for people whom are celiac and need gluten-free options. Rach had the pasta and she thought it was delicious and lasted her for THREE meals! Talk about a great deal for cost savings. Check out their website for options here!

Red Robins

A staple in our cache of restaurants. Also, they have an allergy menu and will cater to those whom are celiac and need gluten-free. Since one of our friends on this trip has a Celiac allergy, this place was a no brainer. You just need to ask for their allergies menu. Besides, who doesn’t love bottomless fries and freckled lemonade?? Check out their site here for more info!

What are some of your favourite con food stops and must-visits during Emerald City Comic Con? Let us know in the comments below!

‘Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!

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