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Welcome back Nerdie Foodies! This week, it’s all about Science. How cool is that? The kitchen and science go hand-in-hand. Without science, there would be no cakes, fizzy drinks, slime (the non-toxic and edible kind), and candy just to name a few. It’s all in the chemistry of the ingredients and how they react with each other. Let’s check out a few recipes!

Edible Slime

Slime. That’s right! The gooey thing that stretches and moves like nobody’s business can be made as an edible product. That is if your nerdling decides to give it a taste after playing around with it on the kitchen table. Whether it be made with chia seeds, flax seeds or even seedless, Asia Citro (from Fun at Home with Kids) shares with us her recipes for making edible slime at home here!

(Photo Credit: Fun at Home with Kids)

Fizz for Days

Who remembers having their first taste of a soda pop or the fizzy candies that pop inside your mouth? Why not recreate that at home with a few ingredients from the grocery store? First up, homemade fizzy lemonade. If you mix an acid and a base together, you create the fizzy bubbles of carbon dioxide (CO2) – a gas that aides in carbonation! Check out this recipe by Debs (from Learn with Play at Home) here!

(Photo Credit: Learn with Play at Home)

Fizzy sherbert – the Australian equivalent to Pop Rocks from what I can tell. It does the same thing where a small taste of this sugary concoction makes your mouth tingle! But the best part of this recipe from Kate (Laughing Kids Learn) is that it’s only 2 ingredients! Check out the recipe here.

(Photo Credit: Laughing Kids Learn)

Ice Cream Magic

Ice Cream during the winter, spring, fall or summer? Why you could have it all year round without having to pay the premium prices of the tub. But it would require a bit of elbow grease and a lot of ice. The Sci Guys show us how below!


Rock Candy

The Sci Guys also show us all about crystallization by making homemade rock candy! Just a side note, this recipe cannot be rushed and takes some time to grow. Check out this cool video below!


Lava Toffee

If you think of lava, one naturally thinks of volcanos and those school science fair projects where the erupting volcano is the go-to project. Why not make that lava out of toffee? That’s right! Shelley (from Steam Powered Family) shares with us this recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Steam Powered Family)

I hope y’all have a fun time in the kitchen exploring the science behind these fun recipes!

‘Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!

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  1. These are all very cool. Curious about the fizzy sherbet.

    • I haven’t tried the fizzy sherbert personally, but from the description in the article, it sounds like it would be similar to pop rocks. If you do try it yourself, feel free to share with us your review of the recipe!

      • I will. I have to be on the look out for a can of citric acid. Can’t say that’s something I keep on my shelves on a regular basis.

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