Nerdie Foodie: Dreams Come True (Finale)

Welcome back to another Nerdie Foodie! This week, it’s part 3 and finale of the Dreams Come True trilogy! This series is all about the delicious food that makes an appearance in many Disney and Disney Pixar movies. For Parts 1 and 2, you can find them here and here (respectively). Let’s check out these next recipes below!

Beauty and the Beast: Be Our Guest Feast


This iconic song lists quite a bit of food for the dining room to create for Belle. Here are just a few items to kick your feast up a notch!

Cheese Souffle

Cheese souffle, how fancy does that sound? Bryton Taylor (Food in Literature) shows us how we can make scrumptious and delicate cheese souffle, with hints of traditional 15th century French cooking techniques. Check out the video below!


Hor d’Oeuvres

These hor d’oeuvres are decadent – even the “grey stuff”! Basing off of the scene and traditional 15th century French cuisine, Bryton Taylor shares with us her interpretation of a selection of hor d’oeuvres from Lumiere’s tray!


Big Hero 6: Hot Wings


A bar food staple and a finger food/game day classic: hot wings that will melt your face, according to Aunt Cass! Disney Meals shares with us his recipe below! And if you want the full recipe, you can check it out here.



This Disney Pixar short was a huge hit when it was released with the highly anticipated sequel, The Incredibles 2. Writer-Director Domee Shi illustrated her mom’s approximately measured recipe (because let’s face it, great recipes from parents and grandparents aren’t measured or written down, you just know by feel). YouTuber Emmy tests out the recipe herself in the video below! For the original illustrated recipe check out the link from TIME here!


Sleeping Beauty: Birthday Cake (Non-Magical)

The cake to top all cakes! 15 tiers of blue, white and yellow icing with pink candles! Only this time Flora, Fauna and Merryweather aren’t around to fight over icing colours. So, fingers crossed this cake will not topple over! Rosanna Pansino (Nerdy Nummies) shows us how to bake and construct this tall dessert below!


Bonus Recipe

Brave: Empire Biscuits

It only feels right for the final post in this trilogy series to have a bonus recipe. Disney Pixar’s Brave is all about magical medieval Scotland. There are many variations of empire biscuits and are a variation of the Linzer cookies from Austria. From my research, empire biscuits typically have a raspberry jam filling between two cookies/biscuits, topped with thick icing sugar frosting and either dotted with a piece of candied cherry or jelly tot candy. Some are completely filled with raspberry jam with the center of the top biscuit cut out like the linzer cookie. Check out this recipe from pastry chef Anna Olson below! It’s a slightly quirky recipe but bold, just like Merida.


Note: If you don’t want to use the hard-boiled egg, I’m sure the recipe would be okay with two raw egg yolks as listed in other recipe versions of empire biscuits.

There are many, many recipes from Disney that have been showcased up front or in the background in each of their movies. This is just a few of some of the scrumptious foods from the movies we know and love. If you try these yourselves, take a picture and share it with us on social media. We love to see y’alls Nerdie Foodie creativity.

‘Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!

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