Nerdie Foodie: Disney Villainesses

Welcome back! This week on Nerdie Foodie, we are going to the dark side – to the Disney Villainesses’ side that is! These four classic female villains have stood the test of time and we are paying homage foodie style. Let’s go!

Maleficent Cupcakes

These gorgeous cupcakes have a dark chocolate cake base with a blackberry filling and buttercream frosting. Michele (from The Main Street Mouse) shares with us her recipe here, horns and all! These are designically beautiful. Period.

(Photo Credit: The Main Street Mouse)

Cruella de Vil


These cupcakes definitely take a liking to the villainess herself! It even has the half black and half white hair to a T! Mouse Ears Mom shares with us her cupcake recipe and decorating tips here! You can even decorate some of the cupcakes as the Dalmatian dogs with the white frosting and black chocolate candies and/or chips.

(Photo Credit: Mouse Ears Mom)

Meringue Cookies

These French inspired treats are super easy to make that does not require a lot of ingredients. Nicole Etolen (from Our Family World) shares with us her recipe here, complete with the signature black and white duo tones!

(Photo Credit: Our Family World)

Ursula’s Pretzels

This one speaks for itself. Pretzels. But of course, we have to Ursula-fy it and turn it into fun masterpiece that even the nerdlings can join in creating. Amy (from Mainly Homemade) shows us how to decorate our pretzel sticks here!

(Photo Credit: Mainly Homemade)

Evil Queen

Poisoned Apple Cookies

If you are the sugar cookie nerd, this recipe is for you! These cookies are shaped and decorated as the Evil Queen’s poisoned apples with royal icing. Chef Amber (for Frugal Mom Eh) shares with us her recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Frugal Mom Eh)

Poisoned Apple Cake Pops

If sugar cookies are not your thing, why not try this cake pop recipe? Kayley (from The Kitchen McCabe) shares with us her cake pop recipe that is decorated as a villainous poisoned apple. Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: The Kitchen McCabe)

Green Punch

Who wants to try a drink that has dried ice? Heather (from Brie Brie Blooms) shares with us her non-alcoholic, nerdling friendly misty green punch here! Just be careful to not drink the dried ice itself.

(Photo Credit: Brie Brie Blooms)

There you have it! I think these recipes are beautiful and fun! What other Disney villains would you like to see have its own recipe? Let us know in the comments below!

‘Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!

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