Nerdie Foodie: Dining, Con Style

Welcome back Nerdie Foodies! This week at NC we are showcasing some amazing nerds! When we go to cons (aka. conventions for the un-initiated) the panels and photo-ops aren’t the only things that we look forward to. If anything, aside from seeing our friends once a year, we go bat-crazy for all the amazing artists in artist alley and the vendors. And that includes a few nerdie foodie vendors as well. This is dining, con style. Let’s go check them out!

The Truffle Cottage

The Truffle Cottage, based in Utah, creates some amazing nerdy truffles and chocolate treats. We first came across their booth back in 2016 at Fan Expo Dallas thanks to our southern belle, Roni. She visited their booth multiple times that weekend and she went back to their booth again last year. Check out her post here! Their products are truly works of art. Check them out here on their website and they do deliver, just check their FAQ section for info.

Star Wars Surprises

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(Photo Credit: The Truffle Cottage)

Delicias Chocolates

Based in Vermont, Delicias Chocolates has created some amazingly nerdy chocolate creations. This gem was found by Jams back in 2015 at Vermont Comic Con. I finally featured them in Nerdie Foodie Jams! Check out Jams’ review of Vermont Comic Con here! The don’t have a website anymore, but you can always check out their latest and greatest creations and purchase some fantastic nerdy chocolates here on Facebook!

Booth Display

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(Photo Credit: Delicias Chocolates)

Janes Family Foods

Now I just want to say that this post is no way in any shape or form sponsored by Janes Family Foods. But they were one of the sponsors for Fan Expo Vancouver last year. They had a booth on the show floor and were handing out free samples of Star Wars shaped nuggets. I didn’t get a chance to stop by the booth to get a sample myself (too busy going to panels and hanging out at the 501st Outer Rim Garrison’s booth) but I remember it being advertised in the official con guide. Check out other nerd-inspired foods they have here on their Facebook page and see if any are available at your local grocery store!

(Photo Credit: Janes Family Foods)

Nerdaches Cakes

Nerdaches Cakes do custom orders for cakes, cupcakes and sugar cookies. On top of that they also have their very own subscription box! Can’t get nerdier than that Nerdie Foodies. Based in New Jersey, none of us here at NC have personally tried any delectables from Nerdaches Cakes. But I sure do admire their work from afar. Check out their work and prices here!

Rick and Morty Cake

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(Photo Credit: Nerdaches Cakes)

Cakes Cove

Now officially based out of a bricks-and-mortar bakery and chocolatier shoppe for the past 2 years (almost 3) in Toronto, Canada, this is a Nerdie Foodie’s dream shop. I first stumbled across their social media when I was researching for nerdy wedding cakes (check out my post here). Again, I have yet to go and visit this beautiful space, but it is at the top of my list of places to visit when I do find my way to Toronto! Thanks to Kickstarter in 2014, this bakery’s storefront would not have existed with the help from other Nerdie Foodies. Nerds helping nerds – you gotta love that! Check out their website here for pictures of their custom creations and pricing.

Bob-omb Treats

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(Photo Credit: Cakes Cove)

As you can see, we nerds love our sweets and savories, but mainly sweets! I hope y’all check out these places out. Even though there are not many food vendors at these cons, I know there probably are some more out there that share their nerdery with pride. List them here if you’d like us to check them out!

‘Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!

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