Nerdie Foodie: D23, Disneyland & SDCC 2017

Hi Nerdie Foodies! We are back from a crazy two weeks in sunny California! And boy did we eat some great food! Of course, we went to a couple of our usual haunts and tried a ton of new places too! Here are just some of the highlights from Anaheim (D23), Disneyland and San Diego (SDCC) from the NC crew!



We were lucky to have some really great food options. At D23, I found myself venturing to the Broken Rice food truck three days in a row for lunch! Their chicken rice bowl was that good. Plus, there were veggies in the rice bowl, so it was one of the healthier con food options.


The food out in California is always something I look forward to enjoying the most! At D23 there were so many food trucks right outside of the Convention center! The first one I tried was The Grilled Cheese Truck Orange County! I had the pulled pork grilled cheese and it was the bomb!


As Roni mentioned, we went to the Broken Rice food truck for all three days for lunch and the food was delicious! We also stopped by the Tangerine Grill on our first night. Due to all the travelling we did to get to Anaheim, we were hungry. Period. And we wanted at least some food now to tide us over until the group dinner with a few of the nerd family. We were just in time for Happy Hour, so we ordered a couple flatbreads and their truffle fries with slices of parmesan cheese and fresh herbs on top. Boy those were yummy! Even now, I could use an order of those truffle fries.

Broken Rice Stand

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Then there was Disneyland…we had such lofty food goals, but there’s only time for so much. I finally had my first Dole Whip, and it was amazing. I want 100 more.


Dole Whip…..that is all…..bring me the Dole Whip! Of course the Baked Chicken at the French Quarter is always a win in my book as well. The bananas foster for dessert was delish!


Disneyland. Can you hear the choir of angels singing with all the delicious yummy treats? Dole whip is a must. Not only is it delicious on a hot day, but it just embodies the flavours of summer. Don’t eat this if you’re allergic to pineapples! We also found ourselves with face-sized face of Groot bread which we snacked on during the day and the next day!

And who can resist a hot and fresh beignet from the fryer, topped with powered sugar and straight to my belly! We found these babies in Downtown Disney at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen and they are as legit as Café Du Monde because they are from Café Du Monde!

We also couldn’t resist the gigantic fried chicken dinner at the Plaza Inn on Main Street. Three pieces of fried chicken with creamy mashed potatoes and green beans, topped off with a slice of decadent chocolate cake. It is definitely a large enough portion to share between 2-3 people!

Cinnamon Bun with Cream Cheese Frosting!

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It is super difficult to choose a favorite from SDCC, especially when I got to have two of my vanilla lattes from the Mission, but I have to go with the slice of pepperoni from Luigi’s Pizza that Rich and Jams got me when I was sick. I don’t know if it was because I was starving, or that I wasn’t feeling well, but it was the best tasting thing. Supposedly, it’s a little divey place, but man that was a great slice. If you’re ever on Golden Hill, you must venture.


There are always the favorites that we go back to time and time again when we go to San Diego such as The Mission for breakfast, and Super Q food truck for lunch. One place that had an array of amazing appetizers to munch on is Werewolf. I highly recommend the Papa’s balls! And as Roni mentioned above, go to Luigi’s! They have an amazing variety of pizza flavors. Mine was a loaded potato slice and it was Ah-May-Zing!


We have been to San Diego so many times that there are certain places we will go to that have become our regular haunts. This time around, we discovered some new places. One of them was the Werewolf bar. Werewolf bar had some pretty legit bar food and were we impressed! The garlic fries were on point, the beef sliders were down right delicious, and the papas balls were just righteous. I dare you to eat just one.

Panchita's Bakery with Authentic Mexican Treats!

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Overall, we had a fantastic time in California as always. It was great seeing everyone in person from our nerd family to our fellow bloggers and everyone in between! We sure had a great time eating out way through Anaheim and San Diego, because we’re pretty sure we all gain a few extra pounds by the end of the trip!

‘Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!



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